Concrete Resurfacing Products

Concrete Resurfacing Products

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Concrete resurfacing products seem to run the gamut from those that lay down a product that will definitely disappoint in the long run, and even occasionally in the short run. Just as in everything from diamonds to concrete resurfacing products, there is inferior quality and there is the best quality. But how do you estimate which is which?

The mere fact that you need to resurface your concrete means that you once chose a less than professional concrete surfacing product, thus do not make the same error in choosing your concrete resurfacing products. Just as in diamond selection too, the most expensive product may not be the best either.

Consider for example how long your business will be “out of business” while these concrete resurfacing products are laid down for you? Will curing time be measured in a full day, a number of days, or what?

Next, your decorator may be seeking a special look for your flooring, thus make sure the company you select has that look available for you. It may be that you overlooked the fact that you needed to have a concrete product that would protect against flooring damage as well as some kind of chemical corrosion, or you were seeking a much cleaner, safer as well as a more attractive environment before? Perhaps you sought to have concrete polishing performed or the like? Granted bare concrete flooring basically does not proffer the durability or even the enhanced form that polished concrete floors or perhaps some epoxy floors provide, but the protection is simply not there.

Thus, you will have to agree that concrete resurfacing products need to do more than bring out the aesthetics of some kind of enhanced concrete surfacing or even polishing. The products need to offer total lasting power, and Silikal can do just that. Silikal will downright outlast the lifetime of the structure!

Silikal is also completely and utterly waterproof. Unlike so many other concrete resurfacing products, Silikal will never create tiny little pinholes or cracks under it so that the substrate will be attacked for it is monolithic throughout. Silikal is also slip resistant and able to resist stains from whatever is ever spilled on it, including jet fuel!

Keep in mind too that only Silikal utilizes enhanced MMA in its flooring The enhanced part is what makes it last so long, in addition to being able to be put back in service within one hour of installation. So, rather than receive poor surface preparation, utilizing the wrong temperatures, moisture count or even poor product design go with Silikal instead. Then you will find that appropriately prepared and suitably designed urethane concrete can and will finally show evidence of a resolute bond to your substrate.

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