Concrete Floor Systems

Concrete Floor Systems

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There are a tremendous number of concrete floor systems available. Some are sprayed on, some are rolled on, and some are stamped on. If ever you’ve heard a saying that your grandmother was probably fond of saying about anything, it’s this: “The proof is in the pudding!” Now, granted this is not at all about pudding of any kind, bur rather concrete floor systems, but the meaning of the saying should not be lost at all and it’s this: No matter the product, it’s how long it lasts that’s important.

What is truly amazing about the various concrete floor systems available is that concrete does promise quite an impressive list. For instance, concrete can be quiet and peaceful, friendly not just to most people but to the environment as well, energy efficient, low maintenance, have tremendous durability along with incredible strength, and finally it can simply radiate beauty.

After all, it’s been said that a man’s home is his castle, and said castle should basically be soundproof, and that is quite feasible when using concrete. Concrete used properly in concrete floor systems can keep out unwanted sounds that emanate from outdoors, but inside too. For instance concrete floors do not creak or crack in the middle of the night the way that wooden floors do!

In addition, you will find that concrete floor systems can impart exactly the look you prefer. Concrete floor systems allow the architect the pleasure of creating wide-open space that so many seem to desire these days. Entrances can become absolutely spectacular now. Imagine never having to worry about wood rot nor termites? Even the ravages of fire have a tough time with concrete floor systems, and floods seem to be everyone else’s problem and certainly not yours!

In addition, the absolute mass of concrete lends itself so well to air tightness. That means that you will be feeling tremendous energy savings. If you are serious about energy savings, you can even contemplate putting in a radiant heating system right into your concrete floor systems. Talk about killing two birds with one stone!

Commercial construction today takes great advantage of various means of construction utilizing various concrete floor systems. If you are interested please feel free to research stay in place foam boards, concrete on steel deck, concrete on steel joists, concrete on fiber glass joists, as well as autoclaved aerated concrete. All the above have been used with concrete floor systems, even the best known as Silikal. You owe it to yourself to find out more about Silikal, you won’t regret it.

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