Concrete Floor Coatings

Concrete Floor Coatings

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If you are seeking concrete floor coatings, chances are that you will find a bewildering amount of these available on the Internet. Read each carefully, very carefully. The greater majority of them will have instructions with them, and those instructions can become rather laborious if you do not read them ahead of time. For instance, you may be asked to perform a “water test” after you have cleaned the area free of any debris, dirt or dust and then clean it with water. The water test is simple enough. When cleaning the floor with water, you may have noted that some areas are beading or perhaps filming. This indicates that it is not ready for concrete floor coatings, as most coatings require that all grease, solvents, and silicone be removed first. Degreasing a floor may require lots of sweat equity, and if the floor is still not clean enough you may even have to resort to grinding or sanding. This may turn out to be rather expensive, as well as extremely time consuming.

If it turns out that the reason for the beading is because the area already had some sort of coating on it, you will be required to remove that as well. Chances are that they can sell you a product for that as well, such as an acid wash, followed by perhaps grinding or sanding.

Once this is done, you’ll then have to give the floor some sort of acid wash. Again, they probably have the proper liquids to sell you. Removing all of the acid wash is imperative, or else you will not get a good bond when you finally apply the concrete floor coatings. You then absolutely must apply the concrete floor coatings within 48 hours.

Heaven forbid you have peeling floors at present. Warnings are very dire in that case, as you will be told to entirely remove the existing coat. The chances are great that they have a great product to sell you in order to perform a chemical stripping or you may have to rent a floor grinder, making sure to cleanse that floor completely using the above directions prior to application of your concrete floor coatings.

You may go through all this, or you may call upon Silikal. Silikal will do the job quickly and very easily, and the job will not have to be repeated. You will have a completely solid bond, regardless of what is on the floor at present. Best yet, you can actually use the floor for whatever you desire one measly hour after installation.

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