Concrete Coatings

Concrete Coatings

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There are so many different kinds of concrete coatings, that it almost defies description. If you search the Internet for concrete coatings, you will undoubtedly find a plethora of heavy-duty epoxy coatings that are useful for office buildings, commercial warehouses, showrooms and of course garages. There are literally hundreds of color choices, but the real tip off as to the quality you are getting is if there is either no warranty on wear and tear, or if they offer you something in the environ of a 5 year warranty.

A 5-year warranty usually means that the entire job has to be redone by then. Either the concrete coatings you utilized have worn away, no longer repel water, or worse yet, something has gotten under the concrete coatings, and you now have peeling of some sort going on. The peeling is unfortunately the notice to you that dirt, mold, oil, grease or chemicals have infiltrated underneath. That also means that you have various germs and bacteria partying under that concrete coating. It may still look pretty good as you even sprung for the additional decorative flakes when the flooring was laid. The worst part is coming up, for you see what will undoubtedly happen next is strange odors coming from your concrete coatings.

You may be completely surprised by this turn of events. After all you purchased concrete coatings with the thought that you would be able to completely protect your concrete from such things as wind, sand, salt, intensive UV rays, and even excess moisture if outdoors, and indoors, you thought you’d protect your concrete from heavy foot traffic, possible automobile traffic, water, grease, oil, various staining agents, and all manner of chemicals. It is highly suggested that you find out exactly what chemicals your choice is resistant to prior to usage. In addition, be sure to not miss how soon you can allow “light” foot traffic on any concrete coatings you invest in. The greater majority of them suggest that you keep light foot traffic from going onto the newly coated surface for at least 24 hours, and “heavy” traffic off for at least 48 hours.

If you are in business, that means closing up shop to any and all traffic for at least 24 hours, and perhaps even 48 hours, and that does not include prep time, which for some products is rather tedious and very time consuming. Read carefully if the product may be put on top of other sealers, for instance. You may well find that the previous coatings will need to be sanded, blasted or ground off.

Once you are done reading all the fine print on the many concrete coatings out there, look at Silikal. Silikal can take any amount of traffic after being on your floor for only one hour. It will last and last, and nothing but nothing will ever be able to get under it, as it thoroughly bonds on any substrate whether there is already another product there. Silikal also bonds to itself making it superbly easy to fix any damage that ever occurs to your Silikal although damaging it is nearly impossible. Silikal, you see, will outlast the building it’s installed within.

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