Waterproof Flooring

Waterproof Flooring

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One never thinks about having waterproof flooring unless of course one is in a business involving water, but the average businessman does not consider if his flooring is waterproof or not, until that moment when he is hit by a flood of some sort, but by then it’s simply too late. With all the floods all along the Eastern coast of the U.S. lately many found out that their waterproof flooring was simply not really waterproof. As it is explained so simply by weather stations, some flooring was not waterproof due to hydrostatic pressure. This happened when the soil around many businesses became totally saturated with water, so that soil rose and pushed against their floors. This in turn caused cracks in the floor and eventually flooding occurred even though the streets were not flooded. In short, they did not have waterproof flooring.

Imagine if you will that some businesses had relied on resilient flooring that featured a no-glue floating floor installation and they expected it to be waterproof flooring! It’s difficult to imagine what insurance companies did with that kind of thinking, even if the product is advertised as being 100% waterproof flooring! The same can be said of interlocking foam tiles, also advertised as waterproof flooring.

I guess some of us come from old school thinking. If a product is advertised as waterproof flooring, then one ought to be able to utilize it as a floor in a large aquarium and there would be no drips from it whatsoever at any time, since it’s truly waterproof. Even Bulova watches made history in 1954 by introducing a truly waterproof United States made 23-jewel watch! That’s when advertising truly meant something. Strangely enough the Silikal Company began making its great flooring back in 1951 in Germany. But the point is that when Silikal says they have waterproof flooring, they have honest to goodness waterproof flooring, and it’s the best!

Why is Silikal waterproof flooring the best available? When a Silikal waterproof flooring is laid, it will be a totally seamless, completely monolithic surface. In addition it will be entirely pore-free. All that water can do when it lands on this flooring is bead, that’s it! If you so desire, the floor can be tilted in such as way that it runs off being totally directed to where you wish it to go, not where it wants to go which with cheaper products is down under to your sub-flooring!

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