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UV Resistant Flooring Unaffected by Ultraviolet Rays

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Most people are aware that ultraviolet rays, referred to as UV rays, emanate from our sun and even some indoor light fixtures. These in turn frequently allow epoxy flooring to either discolor and turn yellow, simply fade or even turn chalky. This then renders the floors ugly and even disgusting, thus requiring their replacement, which is often quite an expense for those who paid for the initial epoxy flooring and they resent it highly. But who can blame them, perhaps in an effort to save a quick buck, they made an ill-advised choice and went with epoxy flooring? Unfortunately if not replaced in time, the same flooring will become brittle and it will fracture over time and in fact that will be very little to no time.

Now with Silikal UV resistant flooring using Silikal reactive resins such flooring problems will be totally nonexistent. Silikal is the very best UV resistant flooring available in the entire world, and it has been utilized all around the world as well.

Granted Silikal is not only UV resistant. It also shows truly exceptional resistance to most chemicals, can be created so that it is not only antistatic, but also antibacterial, and made to be able to resist slip and falls as well as even being solvent resistant. Thus if you so desire, it can also be made urine resistant besides being made UV resistant. Actually Silikal is one of the few products that is actually totally hermetically sealed, thus being urine resistant is already one of its inherent features, as it is a non porous monolithic product.

The product called Silikal is actually a product that will not take days prior to being able to utilize it, as Silikal is capable of any use only one hour after being installed. Then too, Silikal is a product that is incredibly attractive as well as functional. Finally, Silikal is, and always has been at the top of its class for durability.

This requires a bit of explanation. You see, Silikal uses a manmade product by the name of methyl methacrylate, but the flooring world believes that this is a bit difficult for most people to pronounce, thus it is shortened to MMA in the flooring jargon. As mentioned, others use this MMA for the creation of their UV resistant flooring, however Silikal has taken this MMA substance one important step further.

Silikal scientists and engineers worked with the MMA in order to try to extend its flooring life. They knew for instance that many of those who would utilize Silikal would not wish to spend money fruitlessly and like other MMA have to redo those floors in a short while, for MMA flooring was truthfully not really lasting that long. Their perseverance paid off, and a new kind of MMA was born to be used strictly by Silikal. Now this new Silikal MMA could actually last a lifetime, and the scientists and engineers were correct in their estimation, for generally Silikal outlasts the buildings it has been installed within. Oh, and the new Silikal MMA has been baptized “enhanced” MMA if you were curious.

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