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Urine resistant flooring is not usually on the very top of our list when we consider flooring, but if we were in certain businesses, it would be. One would, of course, include hospitals, surgery rooms, and clinics but also we must include baby nurseries. Following this might be stalls where horses are kept, as well as kennels. Then there is the plethora of zoos in almost every large city in the world. Going away from animals, one truly should return to prisons, as well as locations where some of the mentally insane are housed. Let’s face it too, the acid in any urine, human or pet, is highly detrimental to most flooring, thus you should definitely seek urine resistant flooring if your floor will indeed end up with urine on it.

A good part of what makes a flooring urine resistant flooring is the fact that it is totally and completely sealed. In other words, a true urine resistant flooring system will successfully prevent any urine damage as well as any stains. So true urine resistant flooring is utterly and completely seamless. Here is where you must be very careful. Some products are indeed totally seamless, which to you means that the urine will never enter into the flooring. However, what they fail to mention is that the product itself develops or causes it have tiny little pinholes in it eventually. Now comes the truly unfortunate part, those pin holes are big enough to allow a miniscule amount of urine and the urine carries enough bacteria for it to fester under the flooring.

The next part of this scenario is uglier still, for next it begins to turn into mold, and bacteria laden mildew, but it’s under the flooring thus you truly have no idea about it until your friends begin to drop out of parties and afternoon teas. The reason, if you pressed your best friend to tell you under cover of the myrtle bush is because your home reeks. It stinks, and no one can take the smell anymore! Unfortunately something drastic will have to be done, and that something is Silikal. It can actually be laid on top of that offensive flooring so that you never have to smell it again, and while we’re at it, the Silikal flooring will make all allergies disappear if they happened to be was caused by that offensive flooring.

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