Suppliers of Industrial Coatings for Concrete

Suppliers of Industrial Coatings for Concrete

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There are of course a plethora of suppliers of industrial coatings for concrete. Some of the better known ones are IPAINT, and of course Chemline, and Flowcrete, among so many others that it boggles the mind. If you decide to let your fingers do the walking, and you decide to ask Google, it will return a mind numbing 1,750,000 results in the time space of about .31 seconds, and you can look from there.

The point is of course, that you seek the best suppliers of industrial coatings for concrete, but Google won’t let you ask them that without returning all 1,750,000 once more for you to peruse. It’s doing its job after all, so we can’t possibly question it. Thus, it seems that we stand alone to decide which is which, and which to avoid.

First of all you need to look at what they are offering, and definitely read between the lines. Words like “best” really do not describe much other than what the author of the advertising wrote or felt about the product in question. However, pictures definitely do not lie, and if the site is filled with pictures of their work, I tend to believe them more.

Another side of this is if they have detailed physical descriptions of what their products entail and at least let us know the technical parts that a choosy general contractor would care about. This includes thickness of the product, how it will be put on, guide specifications, a breakdown of their products according to what it is used for, whether they hold a patent for their products, do they give you a “by industry” breakdown so that you can compare your needs with what they supply, and are there different resistance types available and in what quantity? If a supplier is willing to share all of that with the buyer, then you need to start looking at what they have to say prior to making a decision.

Although I frequently read what others thought of the product, known as prioritized feedback, as unfortunate as it is, there are companies for whom these feedbacks are actually written by professional authors who get paid to write their “reactions” to a product. Thus, I am likely to discount a lot of that kind of feedback. By reading what the company wrote about itself though, in the form of blogs that are on their sites, I find that I learn a lot about the company, as well as find out if they truly mean what they say when they claim to want to be helpful. Blogs reflect the way that the company is thinking about a multitude of things! It does not matter to many, but it matters to me if they are well written, utilize good grammar and decent spelling too.

For myself, anyway, I highly suggest that if you need suppliers of industrial coatings for concrete, that you spend some time looking over what Silikal has to say about its products. Apply all that is written above to their site, and see if it’s not one of the better sites for answering questions about coatings for concrete you’ve ever found?

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