Stone Look Concrete Coating

Stone Look Concrete Coating

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Utilized in so many places today, the stone look concrete coating is definitely a thing of beauty. One sees these coatings applied in patios, pool decks, driveways and walkways. Commercially they are utilized in municipalities, sports stadiums, amusement parks, hotels, and motels as well as many other entertainment junctures and locations. Granted, it is an artisan’s job, if it is going to be done correctly, but the amazing look of it gives the impression of being somewhere where they used to utilize Old World artistry with the look and feel of real stonework. Today’s stone look concrete coating has come a long way indeed.

What is great about a stone look concrete coating is that it is an exceptionally hard-wearing and stunning surfacing system intended to reproduce the natural look of granite, stone or slate with hard to believe realism utilizing the proven medium of concrete as well as concrete coatings. It is interesting to note that this medium can put forward practically a boundless palette of patterns as well as colors to opt from that challenge the eye to tell the difference amid these creations and the real thing that Mother Nature herself created.

One of the better products from which to obtain a stone look concrete coating is Silikal. Silikal has been especially engineered to bear up under enormously high traffic and has need of very little maintenance thereafter, yet ensures years and years of service. You will have choices of highly distinctive patterns in a completely non porous surface for interior or exterior applications that will never fade, peel, or chip because it becomes all part of the subflooring. Now you will find that this is why we refer to Silikal as being a totally seamless surface, as. Silikal creates a permanent bond. Silikal’s extreme durability is also an important consideration as it can withstand any daily routines found in those commercial locations mentioned above in the first paragraph.

Silikal is also a much better product than the competition in that even its stone look concrete coating can be applied and once applied it will take only one hour to cure, or set up. Getting back to those daily routines once more, once that hour has passed, work can recommence yet again, regardless of the work entailed even if it includes the floor’s most dreaded instrument, the forklift! Truly Silikal is an amazing stone look concrete coating!

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