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What with the recent amazing Olympics showing us what the United Kingdom can do with a stadium, we must say that the majority of us were quite impressed. The stadium flooring, when it was televised, showed exceedingly bright and fine-looking flooring. The very special Olympic flooring was a mass of different colors, mostly comprising of circles, but the circles were haphazardly heaped on one another, thus creating some interesting geometric patterns. These circles were made of reds, blues, greens, yellows, and oranges and as if engineered to not do so, very rarely did one color touch its own color. Truly stupendous were the words heard worldwide about the stadium flooring.

Stadium flooring even worldwide is quite special. For instance stadium flooring is bound to have sticky candy, soft drinks, and other foods dropped onto it, and thus it must be superbly easy to clean after it’s swept out.

Interestingly enough there are also temporary uses of stadium flooring. That is when the area that needs to be covered may be natural grasses, or the artificial turf that is often used for football, or else perhaps an ice rink needs to be rendered as flooring all the while protecting what’s under it. That kind of instance is rare, but it is at least available stadium flooring. Thus a field or arena can be turned into a site for graduations, trade shows, and corporate events or even huge concerts admitting thousands if the area is large enough.

Meanwhile innovative new technology has brought stand-alone stadium flooring to new heights with state-of-the-art flooring solutions and not the temporary flooring spoken about above. That means that new designs for stadium flooring are cropping up daily, allowing flooring companies to integrate not only awe inspiring function with their offerings of advanced deigns, but also of course aesthetics. The very special environment of stadium flooring requires a flooring company which is able to blend high quality specialty flooring with the aesthetics that will make stadium flooring downright memorable.

One of the most avant-garde flooring companies the world over is Silikal which has been providing stadium flooring for over 55 years and is now very firmly entrenched in the United States as well. You see, even in stadium flooring Silikal will deliver a completely sealed floor, one that is completely non porous and referred to in the field of flooring as entirely monolithic. Stadium flooring has, as mentioned first above, will receive a tremendous amount of ground in candy, soda pop, and even peanut shells. That means that the flooring must be just as tough as what it receives, and even more so. Silikal can and does deliver such flooring daily.

It is also interesting to point out that when installing stadium flooring the Silikal installers will swarm over the stadium, delivering the flooring that lasts a lifetime, but perhaps best yet, if there is a game to be held in that stadium tonight, as soon as the workers finish the installation, the floor can be utilized in one very short hour! Now that’s technology for you with regard to stadium flooring.

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