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If one took chemistry in high school, one learned that a solvent is a liquid that is utilized to dissolve a solid, but of course it went much deeper than that. For instance we learned that the majority of solvents were organic chemicals such as liquids that were derived from synthetic sources, or even natural sources such as perhaps citrus solvents or turpentine. The point is that we learned that those chemicals were toxic, and thus hazardous to our health. Although not exactly introduced with this word, we also learned that solvents “ate” various paints and other products. Thus now when we see the need for solvent resistant flooring we tend to get the idea that it needs to be flooring that solvents will not “eat” away at.

Today the list of solvents is huge, and growing page after page. Thus they are usually broken down into a solvent class. That means that for instance does a particular solvent fall into the alcohol class, the aliphatic hydrocarbons class, or the aromatic hydrocarbons class to name but a few of the different classes of solvents that exist?

Thus, as you can imagine for science to have found solvent resistant flooring is practically incredible, however such flooring does in fact exist. Of course one would expect that it took a huge amount of research to create this kind of flooring, and that the research was conducted by some of the world’s top scientists and one would be absolutely correct. Most of that research was conducted by the Silikal individuals located in Germany or to be exact located in Mainhausen, near Frankfurt/Main, Germany. Today, if you wish to read what solvents Silikal can resist, please avail yourself of its Technical Documentation of Silikal.

Not only has Silikal created solvent resistant flooring, but also they have created flooring that is good for the earth, in that it is considered “green” flooring. The fact that it is indeed green flooring means that those installing Silikal flooring will be able to accumulate LEED points leading to a LEED certification which then impacts on the company being able to take various breaks on taxes. In addition, Silikal is considered green because it gives off absolutely no VOCs which are Volative Organic Compounds. Many solvent resistant flooring companies state that they are “low VOC” flooring however, low does not equal no.

The surface of Silikal is basically flat, and is also a non-slip as well as a non-skid surface. Customers need this very special feature no matter what industry they are in, thus they gravitate to Silikal’s monolithic, non-cracking, fully dust-free and absolutely easy-care finish. In addition, Silikal flooring is obtainable in an incredible range of colors and it can also be strewn with colored silica sand or chips, thus rendering the floor to be fully attractive in all the newest fashions if so desired.

Silikal is more than a flooring company. For instance if you call upon them, they will send a highly knowledgeable appraiser to come to your place of business. Once there, the appraiser will actually analyze your flooring problems and offer solutions quite actively and right on your particular site.

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