Solvent Resistant Floor Coatings

Solvent Resistant Floor Coatings

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Of course anyone who does chemical containment will need solvent resistant floor coatings. But what exactly is solvent, and why is it considered so nasty on floor coatings? Looking at the word solvent we find that it has the power to dissolve some other substance.

Now imagine perhaps a chemistry lab that commonly handles things such as concentrated hydrochloric or sulfuric acids? Would one call those solvents? Good grief yes! Would that lab be a good candidate for solvent resistant floor coatings? Again, the answer is a loud and clear yes!

Of course not everywhere is in need of severe industrial environment protection. For instance there are locations where the floor merely needs to suffer through occasional fuel spills, but then one could consider one of the most caustic fuels, jet fuels as pretty damaging. In that case whoever would utilize solvent resistant floor coatings, would be in dire need of them.

Then too, those who need solvent resistant floor coatings also need them to not only be simply installed but also not just serviceable but aesthetically pleasing as well. Often too they want a floor that is capable of withstanding impact as well as extreme thermal shock.

After that, in addition to chemical resistance, frequently they desire those floor coatings to be completely odorless, contain zero VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), and the flooring itself contain no toxic materials nor solvents. Thus, long-term corrosion protection against a wide variety of solvents is really not enough.

The desire for solvent resistant floor coatings, and all the rest of the dream wishes for flooring mentioned in the above paragraph is why Silikal is considered the very best solvent resistant floor coating, as well as being able to resist a plethora of other corrosives. It can withstand extreme thermal shock, as well as be impact resistant, and everyone is extremely happy to find that Silikal has absolutely no VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). In addition, it in and of itself contains neither toxic materials nor any solvents.

It will be applied by some of the most highly trained applicators, who are also licensed contractors, that will apply Silikal reactive resin products including any solvent resistant floor coatings that Silikal manufactures. Should you desire additional information about solvent resistant floor coatings, or anything that Silikal produces go ahead and email us at either or We will be more than glad to help you with any flooring questions you may have.

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