Slip Resistant Tile Coating

Slip Resistant Tile Coating

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Indoors or outdoors, if there’s one thing that tile is besides beautiful is it’s incredibly slippery when wet. About the only thing that can be done for it is a slip resistant tile coating. Of course the problem is that tile is so fine-looking that builders, designers and even architects wish to use it, without thinking of the terrible consequences that may arise when that tile gets wet!

Unfortunately they utilize tile in hotels, motels, restaurants, and casinos forgetting that humans are simply human, and they tend to spill things, or the same humans come rushing in to get out of rain or snow, step on the tile in a hurry and an unfortunate accident then happens. Even more unfortunate is the lawsuit that often follows the accident.

Thus, if you have tile you may wish to consider getting a slip resistant tile coating before you find yourself sitting next to an expensive attorney in court. There are a number of good products out there that are a slip resistant tile coating to choose from. On the other hand, tremendous care needs to be exercised as some products that are lauded as being a slip resistant tile coating will actually etch the surface of that tile. That will bring forth a different look but will add more texture to it. Adding more texture will unfortunately also mean that it will be much easier to get grimy. Thus what will then happen is that you will have to clean it much more frequently and it will also be more complicated to clean it.

As a result of this information, you are highly counseled to choose Silikal instead of other products that produce these cleaning headaches. You see Silikal works in this manner. It works by actually preventing damage to the tile floor itself. Even if installed in a high traffic area, standing water, chemical spills, or other slippery items cannot penetrate the non slip totally seamless flooring design that Silikal affords you. Of course Silikal itself is a non slip product to start with.

One more important facet of Silikal is that it is also totally chemically resistant to numerous acids, alkalis, salts, fats and oils. Thus, no matter what made your tile floors slippery, Silikal will take care of it. In addition, once Silikal is in place, you will find that it is always superbly easy to clean no matter what gets on it!

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