Self Leveling Floor Resurfacer

Self Leveling Floor Resurfacer

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Of course a self leveling floor resurfacer is going to have to be a basic liquid when it is first put down to do its job correctly. The old adage that water seeks its own level is quite true, and thus that is why it works. Someone may wonder why anyone would need a self leveling floor resurfacer?

There are a number of reasons to need a self leveling floor resurfacer, for instance it may be that perhaps someone needs a smooth surface for some industrial work where pallets need to be stacked, thus it’s too dangerous to stack pallets on a floor that is not level. Or, perhaps it’s a brand new concrete floor made of pre-cast slabs and the finish on it is just not acceptable. Finally one may envision a need for a self leveling floor resurfacer if the existing concrete flooring has a damaged surface.

Of course one may simply need a resurfacer because one chose the wrong kind of surfacing in the past, and the new surface simply did not work out as intended. Perhaps it’s coming off in spots due to some friction from perhaps forklifts, or perhaps even too much foot traffic. Some resurfacing may be needed because the old surface is allowing dirty water to seep into the subflooring, causing some mold or other similar problems in the subflooring which has resulted in a very unsightly mess that may even be putting out some pretty bad smells from it!

Thus what’s needed now is a potent resurfacer, one that is totally seamless that will prevent the problem from ever coming back. Choosing which is best for your particular project may be difficult. Are you better off with self-leveling overlays, spray-down systems, skim coats, microtoppings, or what?

One of the best products for whichever of those problems you are facing is Silikal self leveling floor resurfacer which is actually a liquid floor leveler. It will provide incredible protection for any concrete as well as a totally level surface that is unsurpassed in both beauty as well as strength.

Silikal is also renowned for not making any business have to close down for days while the resurfacing cures. You see, Silikal cures in one hour from installation, and then it’s business as usual, even if your business utilizes forklifts, which is devastating to most other products. With Silikal you will resurface once, and never need to perform that work again!

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