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Seamless Floors

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Today it stands to reason that there are very many seamless floors. Some are getting pretty cheap to install, and today you can even do it yourself, but as in all cheap products they took away something from the product to make it cheap, or allow you to install it yourself. The biggest problem with that is that they took away some of the reasons why everyone wants seamless floors.

Take Silikal for example. That is a flooring that will actually bring you seamless floors. Not only that, but the floor will remain seamless, and now you begin to see the difference between just regular seamless floors and Silikal seamless floors.

You see, ordinary seamless floors are laid in a totally seamless fashion without any holes in them whatsoever, but let someone drop a sharp instrument on the floor, let one car drive on it whose tires are simply too hot for the floor to take, and voila…the floor opens up and now it will begin to open up in many places, only to become a peeling disaster.

Not only will it be a peeling disaster, but what gets underneath that flooring is enough to make you quite ill – and not just figuratively that is! You see, it begins with a minute opening in the flooring and then dirt goes in that opening along with microbes, bacteria and mold spores, and there they grow until strange odors start coming out from that once seamless floor that is seamless no more. Disease follows, naturally.

With Silikal, that will never happen. When they say that it’s a seamless floor, it’s seamless, bur more importantly it stays seamless. The floor will be totally sealed so that nothing, no germs, no microbes, no bacteria, no mold can enter beneath it to act and multiply!

Or perhaps you wanted a seamless floor in order for it to lose its propensity for causing accidents. When lesser floors, such as tile, become old and brittle, then suddenly there are tons of accidents. People trip and fall or slip and fall as the old tile, for example, has taken on a demonic slipperiness that nothing can stop! With Silikal, you’ll never need to even think about that occurrence, it simply will not exist. Silikal keeps its outstanding features for the entire length of time its needed, and in fact will probably outlast the floor it ha been installed upon. That’s how good Silikal flooring can be!

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