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Seamless Flooring Systems

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There are many seamless flooring systems available for residential, commercial and industrial uses of course, but let’s try to adhere to those available for commercial as well as industrial use. One of the items that are frequently brought up today is the fact that many desire to have no VOC seamless flooring systems. Even those who are not in the flooring business have heard that having only a low VOC flooring system is not enough. This is because of something called degassing.

Let’s consider two hotels side by side. If a guest walks into hotel A and feels as if it smells old, even though it’s the same age as hotel B next door, he gets an uneasy feeling. As he looks at the room you’ve given him the key to, he thinks that it feels dingy and very old, and he thinks that he smells mold too. Actually there probably is mold in the air, and the wall coverings, drapes, carpet and even the stuffed mattress is degassing with VOCs, but especially that new floor they just laid down in the lobby.

Now the same hotel next door, which we’ll call hotel B, is visited by our hapless guest. They have also laid down a brand new floor in the lobby, yet the entire hotel feels as though it is very welcoming because it smells new and quite fresh. It both feels and smells totally clean and crisp, and so the guest checks in. Why? Because hotel B has strived to remove any possible mold, as well as bacteria and viruses and even mycotoxins from their air. When they had the new flooring laid, they made sure to use a no VOC flooring so that the flooring would not be degassing and ruin the atmosphere that they worked so hard to maintain. A good part of the reason for new flooring is that the old flooring was not keeping out those problems, as it was not one of the newer seamless flooring systems.

The point is that even your seamless flooring systems may bring about an uneasy feeling to your own guests no matter what business you are in unless you partake of the best flooring possible such as what Silikal offers. You see Silikal has no VOCs, and it prevents the problems that Hotel A had by totally enveloping the floor within Silikal. That flooring will never develop even a tiny pinhole to allow dirt, dirty water, mold, bacteria, viruses and mycotoxins under that floor. It is permanently sealed and will remain hermetically sealed until that hotel is knocked down for a newer prettier hotel to be built in its stead.

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