Seamless Floor for Parking Garage

Seamless Floor for Parking Garage

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Are you perhaps seeking a seamless floor for parking garage use? Especially in large cities, it is common to redo a large empty building and turn it into a parking garage. Thus even 100-year-old buildings have been brought back to life thanks to a seamless floor for parking garage use.

Because a parking garage located in such an old building requires many changes, finding a seamless floor became more and more important. After all no old building was constructed to take the water and snow buildup that the cars would be bringing into the garage. By installing a totally seamless floor water could be easily taken care of via drains that were installed as required.

Another benefit of a seamless floor for parking garage use was that cars leak oil and other various and sundry liquids. These liquids leave stains in parking garages that usually need to be steam cleaned, and even then many stains still remain. By having a totally seamless flooring such as Silikal, means that those stains are no longer a problem.

Also, installing a totally seamless flooring in the parking garage means that the flooring itself will always appear to be immaculate, as nothing can enter under the floor to grow there and possibly give off some very unpleasant odors. Silikal is so seamless that it does not even develop any pinholes in it, as do a lot of its competitors.

Consider also the upper deck of a parking garage, also referred to as roof parking. Now there having a seamless Silikal floor becomes even more important as you definitely want not only a seamless floor but one which will not be disturbed by the rolling weight of automobiles, hot tires, or even crankcase oil and gasoline. The fact too that Silikal seamless floors are slip resistant becomes superbly important on the upper deck where all manner of weather conditions will be felt. Along with many deluges of water during storms in summertime the heat and the solar rays will bake the parking garage floor deck,. In wintertime, the area may have to withstand tremendously cold temperatures and the accumulation of snow. Now you begin to see the importance of a seamless floor for parking garage use. Day in and day out, a superb flooring such as Silikal is used for that purpose since it is a flooring for so many different uses.

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