Seamless Commercial Flooring

Seamless Commercial Flooring

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Just about everywhere you look someone is bandying about seamless commercial flooring. One tends to wonder if there is such a thing, and even more importantly if it’s as good as everyone says it is? Granted, if one owns a restaurant, or a nursing home it’s a pure necessity to have such a thing, but then one thinks about such locations as hospitals, veterinary clinics, and even a doctor’s clinic. Then one envisions what a wondrous thing it would be to have seamless commercial flooring at a rendering plant, an aircraft hangar, a car dealership, a large commercial restroom, industrial garages, locker rooms, grocery stores, even kennels! Actually the list is absolutely mind-boggling.

Commercial flooring is often grungy, dirty and very grimy. They seem to have been soiled for along time occasionally, but if the truth be known, they may simply get that way because it’s so difficult to clean them properly. Perhaps the person doing the floor cleaning has simply lost the strength that is necessitated by floors that are so unclean. I cannot imagine what a discouraging job it must be to clean a floor that the harder one works on it, the dirtier it seems to get. Yet, unless an establishment has a seamless commercial flooring that may very well be what’s happening.

Dirty water seeps into crevices in flooring, causing untold damage to the floor, and that damage will not get better with any amount of elbow grease, strong chemicals or even the old punishment of cleaning a floor with a toothbrush. Nothing will work, because the dirty water has infiltrated under the floor, causing mold, fungi, and tremendous amounts of bacteria.

Let’s face it too; people today expect to see a wealth of combinations of not just color but also functionality, glossy appearances, and of course inventive design in flooring. An environment that contains a bold, brilliant and vivacious floor finish in a commercial establishment will lighten moods, and encourage shoppers to shop! Seamless commercial flooring can do this and so much more.

The very best seamless commercial flooring is, of course, Silikal. It is the only flooring that lasts longer than the location it’s been placed in. This is due to the fact that Silikal utilizes not only MMA (methylmethacrylate) but they have created enhanced MMA for their own use. Silikal also sets up in about an hour, thus there’s no long down time to contend with either.

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