River Rock Flooring

River Rock Flooring

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The use of river rock flooring has been around for centuries. It is even thought that the lowly cavewoman probably told the ordinary caveman to use it in their first homes for it was quite beautiful and comfortable underfoot. We’ve come a long way from that though, thankfully, although river rock flooring is still quite “the” thing to decorate with.

Real river rock flooring would no longer be comfortable, and today we want our flooring to be impervious to sun fading, water damage, as well as animal or insect attacks even if it’s installed in a “man cave!” Thus, river rock flooring has been improved quite a bit and now is utilized by some of the greatest interior decorators around.

Today, landscapers are very fond of doing river rock modest streams outside, and even have them coming inside of homes, hotels, and motels not to mention some very well known casinos. Mini waterfalls and ponds have used river rock flooring in some of the most breathtaking manner. Real river rocks from actual streams and riverbanks are beautiful but today in the interest of the environment, there may be environmental constraints to collecting such river rock. This is where river rock flooring truly can inspire you and give you a hand in creating a design for your garden pond that will reflect the incredible natural beauty of actual river rock.

Real river rock is basically composed more often than not of jaspers and agates. The coloring is primarily a mixture of gray, black, red, tan, white, and is primarily beige. Thus, as you can imagine river rock flooring will go easily with many color combinations and will clash with nothing. Most river rock flooring is useful in bathrooms as well as kitchens where nature seems to mix the best with water in bathrooms and kitchens, but in commercial buildings, it is very common to see river rock flooring around large waterfalls in the middle of shopping malls for instance. River rock flooring has also been widely used inside of water grottos that house waterfalls in heavily landscaped swimming pools in very fashionable hotels and motels.

Those who work closely with Silikal river rock flooring have designed most of the river rock flooring that has been used for such development. You see Silikal is totally waterproof, and nothing ever comes past that waterproofing, thus it is understandable why it is frequently utilized in very upscale projects.

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