Nonskid Flooring

Nonskid Flooring

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The very first reason that comes to mind to someone actually needing nonskid flooring is in one of those oil change places where the man stands in front of you, and your car, to direct you over the underground hole where he will be located to change your oil. The amount of trust that man must have in drivers of all kinds must be very profound. That to me would be the epitome of an instance where nonskid flooring would be quite necessary.

Thinking about other instances where one needs secure footing brings to mind around swimming pools, in showers, around hot tubs, and even in gyms. After all sweat is exceedingly slippery.

How about in a factory where they process items such as olive oil, or shortening? You can be sure that I’d want the very best nonskid flooring in those instances! After all, today we have had some very distinctive and advanced technological breakthroughs with regard to many different kinds of safety floor treatments.

It is hard to imagine flooring made of limestone, enamel, cement, slate, terra cotta, terrazzo, marble, concrete or ceramic tiles being made into nonskid flooring that does not even appear to have been treated for such an endowment! It truly is a gift, an endowment, to turn slippery floors like those mentioned into nonskid flooring. As startling as it may be, even metal flooring can be benefited by nonskid flooring, as can rubber, fiberglass, plastic, linoleum and vinyl tiles. Hardwood flooring that has been painted, urethaned, lacquered, epoxied, stained or otherwise treated can benefit too.

Unfortunately there are some of the nonskid flooring products that will dissolve some portions of the flooring, thus entirely changing the appearance of the floor. Some make tiny holes in the flooring in order to improve the slip resistance, but then you have new problems, for the holes fill up with dirt, grow mold and mildew, and your floors are extremely slippery once more, not to mention that strange odors will begin to emanate from them. You may even be sold special cleaners in order to disinfect those tiny holes in your flooring, don’t go for it, it’s all a scam!

What you truly need if you seek nonskid flooring is Silikal. You will in no way ever observe skid marks on Silikal nonskid flooring, no matter how hard someone may try. If it’s a Silikal floor under that man’s feet that’s directing my car inside one of those oil changing places, that man is safe!

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