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Non Slip Flooring

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Having non slip flooring is sometimes highly important, depending on the business you are in. For example if you are a butcher it is much more important to you than to someone who runs a sewing machine center. The reason is of course that what lands on the floor is highly slippery for the butcher. Other examples of those businesses who might positively need non slip flooring might be a beef rendering plant, an ice skating rink, a ship’s washroom, garages, swimming pools, daycare centers, retirement homes, loading docks, ramps, and utility rooms. Why the list is absolutely endless!

Think for example what it is like in the restaurant kitchen with about 10 different chefs cooking there? That would be an idea locale to have non slip flooring wouldn’t it?

Interior decorators and some architects seem to love creating problems with slippery flooring, such as when they demand that the floors be made of quarry tiles, shiny vinyl, porcelain tiles, terrazzo, polished concrete, travertine, polished marble, and glazed ceramic tiles! Unless those floors are somehow treated for some kind of non slip flooring, they are an accident waiting to happen. Pure and simple.

If you apply a product such as Silikal on one of these highly slippery floors you will find that your grip of the slippery floor’s surface will absolutely dramatically increase, thus making a truly dangerous floor no longer as slippery and thus much safer. In using Silikal, for instance, not only will your floors be substantially safer, but also they will be much cleaner, and of course they will retain their appearance as Silikal has actually been especially designed to last or at times even outlast the lifetime of any structure it has been installed within!

In addition to being non slip flooring, you will be thrilled to find out that Silikal strongly believes in being “green” and thus creates only healthy human products. Silikal is therefore a noVOC flooring, and may qualify you for LEED certification affording you a number of possible benefits in the form of various local and state government incentives especially created to encourage the use of no VOC flooring such as Silikal.

Although not common yet, some insurance companies recognize that having non slip flooring will reduce the amount of payouts they will have to make should someone slip and fall on your flooring, thus they are also giving out incentives to do so. You will also be quite pleased to hear that the clear coat provided by Silikal will make even marble floors now fully water and stain resistant.

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