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Imagine if you will for instance that you work for state of the art food processing facility. Suppose it was your job to find the right choice for your company dealing with various MMA flooring that will need to be as resistant to impacts as possible, have a slip resistant finish, endure tremendous chemical resistance, be completely solvent free, and have remarkable thermal stability. “Alright,” you respond to your boss, “that’s one hell of a tall order for an 80,000 square foot facility. How many days will you be closing the plant, in order for it to be done?”

The reply would probably totally “floor” you if they said something to the effect of “A couple of hours should do it.” Is it even possible for an MMA flooring job to cure in a couple of hours, you wonder? Is any flooring company large enough to even consider such a large job?

The boss calls you up again, saying “Oh, and I almost forgot, but we want to get LEED floor credits on this one too? And oh, by the way, we want this flooring to be no VOC flooring too. Bye!” By now, your head is probably spinning, and you wonder how long you’ll have this job for and how to put your daughter through college starting this fall.

You begin looking at all manner of MMA flooring, of which there are a ton. Every flooring company seems to carry MMA flooring, but not all of it is completely solvent free. In looking deeper, you find that they also don’t seem to all give LEED credits either, but the hardest to locate is an MMA flooring that will cure in a couple of hours and has all the other goodies attached to the offering.

Finally you seem to have hope, for you have tripped over the Silikal America site and thus far it seems to have everything your boss asked for, in addition to some extremely enlightening chemical reports that you are able to show those in your science department. They too appear to be excited, and they talk among themselves about such things as MMA being a part of the acrylic’s family, temperature insensitive, acid resistant, solvent free. Your deeper research unearths the fact that they can give LEED credits too! Best yet, Silikal will be completely ready for use one hour after it is applied!

Yippee! Job well done, and your daughter can go to college in the Fall. Oh, she wants to be a scientist, does she? Well, good luck!

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