Locker Room Flooring

Locker Room Flooring

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Let’s face it flooring in a locker room is one of the premier high traffic of all areas of most athletic facilities. Thus it must have a highly durable floor in order to meet or surpass some of the needs of its diverse surface areas. The entrance to a locker room, as well as the changing areas must have extraordinarily heavy-duty flooring. This is because it must take a tremendous amount of wear and tear from things such as athletic footwear as well as ordinary shoes. In addition, locker room flooring must be easy to clean, as a tremendous amount of dirt comes in each time the athletes enter from the athletic area to go into the facility.

Also, we cannot discount the shower area. There is no other area as besieged, floor wise, as the shower area. After all, the floor there is subject to constant dampness and therefore if the flooring at hand is simply unsealed concrete, the concrete will soak up the dampness much as a sponge. Following this there will be a marked change in the odors coming from the concrete as dirt, mildew and mold spores settle in. Aided and abetted by as many microbes, germs, and assorted bacteria, it does not take long at all for the truly unpleasant odors to emanate from this awful condition of the concrete.

Some of the best locker room flooring is from Silikal. You see the Silikal locker room flooring system will create a highly durable synthetic totally seamless surface. This seamlessness will therefore create flooring that is extremely simple to clean as well as maintain It is actually the very best option for entry into a locker room as well as the changing areas of your locker rooms.

In addition, Silikal provides vibrant colorful options that can even be customized, so that your own color scheme can be utilized. If you so desire, you may even have the team’s logo imprinted into the floor. This is always regarded as an excellent opportunity to boost team spirit directly on the locker room floor.

When speaking of locker room flooring, there truly is none better than Silikal. This very special antibacterial dirt-resistant coating will be a fantastic amalgamation of hygienic cleanliness, hard-wearing practicality as well as sophisticated aesthetics, all because of Silikal is truly seamless and is also non porous. We might even suggest having the team’s colors presented into the flooring along with its mascot. Yes, Silikal can do that too!

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