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Jail Floors

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If you think on it, it is extremely difficult to take any correctional facility out of service if it is already full of inmates, then coordinating even minor repairs to its flooring is almost an impossible job. That’s why the job must be done quickly and easily, of course.

Silikal works so very well on jail floors. First of all, unlike many other products, it does not necessitate abrasive blasting of the old flooring as a preliminary step. This saves the jail from having to be closed or off limits to certain areas, and all in the jail are thankful that their areas do not have to be closed off for blasting.

Further, the application of Silikal is extremely quick to begin with, but it’s the curing time that usually takes days with other products, rarely as little as 4 hours, but with Silikal the typical cure time is less than one hour. So, if the mess hall or cafeteria is the area receiving new Silikal jail floors, it only has to be convict free for a paltry few hours and when the hour is up, the flooring is impervious to all the foot traffic and even heavy rolling weights such as rolling service carts holding heavy soup or the like.

Everyone finds it truly amazing that once applied, the life cycle of Silikal is seemingly forever, because the flooring will last longer than the building it has been installed in. Yes, Silikal is that tough, and yes its life cycle is that long!

In addition, jail floors are not known to be the cleanest places in the world, but once Silikal is installed, those jails will no longer be the repository of mildew, dirt, germs and bacteria. Instead they will be super hygienic, keeping various diseases at bay which is very important for a jail to accomplish given the proximity of inmates as well as guards.

With Silikal floors lasting a lifetime, it is imperative that that flooring be aesthetically pleasing as well. Silikal comes in a plethora of colors, something that is considered very important in jails. The psychology of our surroundings and color is easily understood, thus many warm colors, as in the red family, will definitely not be chosen as jail floors in red seem to incite anger and hostility, as well as encourage great force as well as speed. Instead, cool colors such as green, purple and blue are more calming as floor colors for a jail.

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