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Interior Concrete Sealer

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When you need a concrete sealer, sometimes finding a good interior concrete sealer is more difficult than an outdoor concrete sealer. You see if you are placing this interior concrete sealer inside, chances are that you are looking to place it where you already have problems to deal with, and these may be very serious problems. For instance take a basement being outfitted with an interior concrete sealer.

Many basements need a highly penetrative sealer because of such problems like perhaps bad water seepage, mold, mildew and possible algae and you seek remediation. You may need radon mitigation, reduction of vapor transmission of water vapor inflow. You may be experiencing efflorescence and need to stop the white powder alkalis reactions, or you have spalling and pitting, cracking which allows the expansion and rusting of rebars inside the concrete. In addition you may wish to stop concrete wear and tear called dusting, prevent concrete crumbling, and finally you are probably trying to purge any existing contaminants such as possible minerals or oil spills that have entered the concrete. .

Will any interior concrete sealer do that? Well, that all depends on which interior concrete sealer you choose.

Because of the listed problems that you are experiencing with your concrete at the moment, you will want one that completely bonds with the concrete regardless of the problems. Next you will want an interior concrete sealer that blocks all those problems from ever happening again, thus you are looking for one that not only bonds completely with the existing concrete but one that will never develop tiny pin holes that will bring the problems back as unfortunately a lot of products will. The only interior concrete sealer that does the above, and can be counted upon to do it correctly is Silikal.

You see, the scientists at Silikal developed what they call enhanced MMA. Now most interior concrete sealers that you will look at will have or use MMA as its primary ingredient. MMA is methyl methacrylate but occasionally some will call it Cryl-La-Flex or some other proprietary name. No matter how you call it, MMA is simply MMA. Only one company, Silikal, has registered the name of enhanced MMA because they have added something very important to it. It is the ingredient that enables Silikal to outlive the buildings it’s placed in! Silikal will outlast your basement. Now, isn’t that the kind of product you are seeking for that darn basement of yours? We thought so.

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