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Institutional Flooring

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Institutional flooring may be found in tremendously different locales. It may be located in a prison, a shopping center, a beef rendering plant or in a hospital. Each of these has specific needs for institutional flooring, thus one wonders if there is but one specific brand of flooring that can easily be the answer to their diverse needs. Surely if that were so, then that product would have to be heads above all in what it provides and be in keeping with other reasonably priced products. In addition institutional flooring must provide superior construction as well as advanced durability.

Additionally, when one is seeking institutional flooring, one realizes that the very company itself that is going to install the flooring will have to present craftsmanship as well as excellent quality when they perform their installation work. Needless to say, not all companies can deliver this.

Of all the companies that supply institutional flooring only one will stand out and fill all those specifications, and that is Silikal. First, its product stands out way ahead of the rest. For instance it is always totally pinhole free and thus will not allow anything to come between the flooring and the concrete beneath it. This means that you will have institutional flooring that cannot harbor molds or bacteria of any kind. It can withstand any extreme conditions that may happen to it, from exposure to the sun, tremendous weights, constant foot traffic, having instruments dropped on it, or even the vagaries of weathering such as outdoor freeze and thaw, or rain and snow!

Silikal can even be utilized as garage or hangar flooring, where hot tires won’t mar it, grease and oil won’t hurt it, and even various spills such as jet fuel will not change it at all. Hospitals that utilize Silikal flooring are amazed at all the punishment that Silikal floors can take, when even such stain makers such as Betadine will come right up without the use of strong caustic chemical cleaners. Speaking of hospitals, they love Silikal floors because even operating rooms remain free of terrible germs and bacteria. In addition, Silikal is safe to use even in tenanted locations, as it is 100% VOC free! Into the bargain it will leave no allergy causing odors after installation. Silikal even leaves behind a completely non-slip surface so that no matter where it is installed you can be sure of the safety of both visitors and employees.

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