Industrial Resin Floors

Industrial Resin Floors

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When one mentions industrial resin floors, what do you think about? I think about shiny floors down a long corridor that have the gleam to urge me to go all the way to the end. I think about a myriad of colors embedded in that floor reflecting the life that goes by them. I also think about seeing an airplane hangar with one gorgeous plane in it, the plane reflected in the perfect world of industrial resin floors under it, and wonder if that plane will appear the same among white clouds as it appears in that white floor? I am not usually a visionary, but I do see industrial resin floors as the floors of tomorrow, filled with happy reflections in them. In a hospital those gleaming clean floors might reflect the new mother’s smile as she looks down on her first-born.

Interestingly enough within all that beauty that can be seen in industrial resin floors are the mechanics, the specialty of those coatings. For instance industrial resin floors of today can actually resist tremendous cold temperatures, as well as incredibly hot temperatures, and today’s floors can even resist spilled fuel, battery acid, and a plethora of other components that would have decimated the beauty of yesterday’s flooring.

So many of us look to the past and wish that the past could be relived once more, that we’d still be able to see the beauty of yesteryear, but I look to the future, when the lasting colors and eternal bonds that are created in our floors today, will still have their innermost beauty because of today’s advances. But, it was not just water intrusion that caused problems with the old floors, it was things like mildew, mold and something called hydrostatic pressure, that no longer dog our floors anymore.

Heavy traffic used to wear away some of our hardest floors, even floors that had been carved out of the hardest rocks wore away. One just has to visit an old rock castle to see the wearing away that footsteps made. It is historically interesting, yes, but I always tend to wonder what it looked like when it was brand new back in history, and the beauty that must have been in the amazing rocks as they held life back then.

In traveling, I have seen what even UV rays have done to the colors of yesteryear, and at least I know that colors that are protected with something called Silikal, for instance, will retain their glossy beauty. That way, at least our children and grandchildren will be able to look upon them as our eyes saw them.

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