Industrial Flooring Manufacturer

Industrial Flooring Manufacturer

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One of the larger ones as an industrial flooring manufacturer is Dur-A-Flex. They have been around for more than 40 years and they deal with polymer components epoxies, methyl methacrylates (MMA), and also premium colored quartz aggregates. Their claim to fame is that their product is good-looking, appealing to customers, safe underfoot and will keep looking good for years. Their store floor systems do not necessitate stripping and waxing, either. They create a floor that is both sanitary and seamless, which is also a slip resistant surface, that is chemical resistant and tolerates any wear and tear of everyday traffic.

Another industrial flooring manufacturer is Flowcrete. As the makers of Flowfast, they have entered into the world of being an industrial flooring manufacturer dealing with their version of the methyl methacrylate (MMA) resin system. They are exceptionally proud of their ability to accomplish extraordinary drying as well as curing times when compared with many similar products. Their flooring is of course also seamless and can also offer a slip resistant surface that will tolerate wear and tear of everyday traffic as well as being chemical resistant.

Stonhard is yet another industrial flooring manufacturer. Of course they too have a supposedly new version of the many methyl methacrylate (MMA) resin systems. Their flooring can also be offered as being seamless with very quick drying times, though unlike Flowcrete which mentions 2 hours after installation, Stonhard does not seem to mention drying or curing time on their site. Using a vocabulary of “high performance” seems to be their bi-word in advertising.

While being guilty of saving the best for last, which we’ve been told is a dirty trick, we now come upon the best industrial flooring manufacturer available, and that is Silikal. For over 55 years, Silikal has been in the manufacture business of floor coatings based on the use of synthetic resins. In those 55 years, only Silikal found that “enhanced” methyl methacrylate (MMA) resin systems could be created and that would enable Silikal to be able to offer their customers two things that the other industrial flooring manufacturers could not, namely less than one hour curing time after installation and the fact that only Silikal will remain in place for longer than that building will stand. Having the true superbly-fast curing means that there will be absolutely no disruption to operations for any business which today truly has become exceedingly important.

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