Industrial Floor Coating

Industrial Floor Coating

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The greater majority of anything that falls into the classification of being an industrial floor coating will have been specifically designed for either harsh chemical areas, warehousing, manufacturing, heavy industry use, or perhaps for motorized traffic. Thus, if you consider perhaps an aircraft hangar, you will have an idea of what a tough industrial floor coating will be utilized for. A hangar, using it as an example, will have high volume motorized traffic as mechanized heavy tired machinery pulls an aircraft in and out of the hangar. The aircraft itself may have hot tires, or it may have just been utilized in rain thus it is very wet and dripping.

The other extreme may be that the aircraft has snow upon it, which will drip off onto the hangar floor as the outside of the aircraft warms up. When the maintenance crew arrives, now the industrial floor coating may experience worse. Perhaps, there is some jet fuel spilled onto the floor, or battery acid, or other corrosive chemicals. Yet, through all of this our modern coatings technology says that our industrial floor coating should be able to withstand all of that, and more!

Over and above all this, we even have other needs for an industrial floor coating. We desire it to be a completely odorless zero VOC formula, and we want it to be able to produce an utterly nontoxic finish. You may laugh, but there are some who would want all the above and still desire for that industrial floor coating to be fully useable within one hour from installation. They expect this floor coating to be ready for the hot tires, foot traffic, snow, rain, and even corrosive materials only one hour after being laid onto the floor!

So such dreams exist in the industry? The pure and simple answer is a loud vociferous yes! And it’s all done with Silikal.

Silikal’s description is comprised of so many wondrous adjectives, that it is even difficult to write about. Some have said that Silikal is the answer to all flooring. Others extol its virtues but make turns and twists in describing the product so that one thinks that one would have to be an interior designer to fully appreciate Silikal. The engineer mentality in some readers take it to the other extreme and wish to only read about its incredible strength attributable to the enhanced MMA that Silikal is made up with.

Although our minds feel as if it should be unlikely that any one product would fit the desires of so many, Silikal has been answering that call for many years now. It boggles the mind that Silikal is celebrating 55 years in the actual development and manufacture of the Silikal floor coatings that are based on synthetic resins.

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