Industrial Concrete Sealer

Industrial Concrete Sealer

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Should you look up industrial concrete sealer on the Internet, most of what you’ll find are products that will deliver a clear, acrylic-based concrete sealer that is supposedly non-yellowing. The advertising will say that it was especially designed in order to penetrate deeply, to give the industrial user a long-lasting, decorative finish that will harden in order to protect concrete surfaces. Basically you will find that that is the extent of the promises made for an industrial concrete sealer. Some of the suspect words in those ads are “harden,” “long lasting,” and “penetrate deeply.”

The reason those are suspect is that they do not imply just how hard the product will be, and for an industrial concrete sealer to be used on industrial properties, it had best be hard as nails. After all industrial means that it will be a flooring in a warehouse, perhaps. That means that they will probably be utilizing forklifts to pick up pallets of goods. Or it may be that the industrial job is in the manufacture and trade segments. Thus, it may be that the flooring will receive specialized punishment such as having hot presses around it. Industry also includes smelting factories. Fabricating metals means that the spills coming from that industry will require a harder floor than “hard” can even be imagined.

Penetrating deeply with an industrial concrete sealer means that it can put up with industries such as air transportation, thus hangars are truly in need of sealers that penetrate deeply as jet fuel, grease, and again hot tires are probably involved. How about an industry that specializes in petroleum and coal products manufacturing? Textile mills are yet another demanding industry that is extremely tough on its floors.

All of the above would be more than happy with one solitary product and that is Silikal. When Silikal claims to penetrate deeply, they can actually show you how much bonding is created with the use of Silikal, and they have scientific proof of it. When speaking of Silikal being long lasting it is absolutely no exaggeration that Silikal will last longer on the floors than the building housing those floors, and again there is scientific proof of same. Just how hard are Silikal floors? Well, you’ll be absolutely amazed, but Silikal’s hardness promises exceptional resistance to chemicals, cold, heat, and can even withstand slag being poured upon it.

Silikal is a sealer that is totally non-porous, so that nothing but nothing will penetrate it, and mar the substrate below it. It is also a flooring that has true anti slip properties, and in addition it can even withstand mechanical abrasion, the worst abrasion possible, such as the use of forklifts.

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