Heavy Duty Flooring

Heavy Duty Flooring

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Of course different people mean different things when they speak of heavy duty flooring. They may mean that they need it to be completely waterproof. Or they want their flooring to be as antiseptically clean as possible, thus nothing but nothing should be able to enter that flooring to reach the substrate where mold and other nastiness grows. It may be that they are seeking heavy duty flooring since the majority of their business concerns deal with the utilization of forklifts, thus they need a heavy duty flooring that will not scrape off due to the punishment of forklifts. Or it may be that they seek heavy duty flooring because they have constant foot traffic passing by which would erode any flooring but heavy duty flooring too quickly.

Another instance of someone needing heavy duty flooring might well encompass the owner of an ice skating rink. The heavy duty flooring required by that business staggers the mind. We then should move on to such locations as sport arenas, stadiums, office buildings, hotels, banks, department stores, retail chains, airports, and of course schools.

You may never have thought of it, but some exercise parlors are going to need extra heavy duty flooring. After all where but a weight studio will you see grown men dropping hundreds of lbs of weight from above their heads and fully expect the floor to simply take it?

Writing of heavy duty flooring brings to mind some of the hefty equipment maintenance bays that some companies have as well as the bustling loading bays of many manufacturers of our goods. Part of keeping costs down, here in the United States has been the fact that we not only ask about such flooring, but also have created the technology to create the answers to meet any of our flooring needs.

What this means is that our heavy duty flooring is incredibly durable and totally hardwearing. Damages that were caused by vibration, abrasion and impact have been all but halted. We now have excellent acoustical and thermal insulation in our flooring, and we have totally eliminated dust that used to be generated by older concrete floors. Not only that, but we have created heavy duty flooring that can be installed easily over contaminated or damaged substrates.

The “we” that is being referred to in the paragraphs above refer to Silikal, the unconditional best quality available in heavy duty flooring! Any company in need of heavy duty flooring totally must check out Silikal.

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