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What is needed in healthcare flooring is that it should be not only comfortable, but also be a completely safe and hygienic environment. Thus, designing some kind of healthcare facility is all about being able to combine the health and safety requirements that are imposed on such facilities with aesthetics thus fulfilling the emotional needs of the patients that are in that healthcare facility. Those who design healthcare flooring understand that the ambience as well as the designs have been known to affect not only a patient’s state of mind, but it also plays an important part in their well-being. Thus, when the correct healthcare flooring is selected, it is the patient who will benefit from having a soothing yet hygienic as well as a truly functional design.

Even from the entrance halls of these facilities to such locations as surgical suites or possibly patient care rooms, assisted living facilities, clinics and hospitals understand that Silikal flooring solutions are all extremely low maintenance while offering floors that are bacteriostatic and therefore they can resist micro-organisms, fungi and molds, and are resistant to bacteria. This is because Silikal flooring used as healthcare flooring is a totally seamless reactive resin flooring structure, which allows nothing to penetrate it.

Due to the colored flakes that are strewn throughout the flooring that consist of millimeter sized yellow, white and green flakes, Silikal flooring offers subtle harmony which in turn creates a tremendously relaxing as well as a welcoming environment. Relaxing ambiance is our goal, and healthcare workers also find that they have much less stress after Silikal floors are introduced into their healthcare facilities. It creates a healing environment unsurpassed by any other healthcare flooring.

Other performance benefits of Silikal are that it is non-slip flooring that also has proven excellent durability as it can totally withstand constant traffic of both patients as well as healthcare workers. In addition, Silikal floors are highly resistant to the tinctures, acids, greases, salts, and alkalis utilized in health facilities. Thus for any kind of healthcare flooring which you may seek, you absolutely can do no better than Silikal, currently blissfully in use in healthcare facilities around the world as it is so incredibly serviceable, long lasting, and practically maintenance free. Only Silikal offers this kind of flooring that will set up in less than an hour so as to not disturb the remainder of your patients, guests or fellow workers!

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