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Freezer Floors

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There is so much more to installing freezer floors than simply pouring concrete and then building the freezer around the poured concrete floor. Freezer floors require a number of specific plans so that the freezer floor never suffers frost heave which can destroy not only the freezer floor, but can actually go on to destroy the entire building that the freezer is housed within.

Frost heave means that for some reason the dirt below the freezer freezes. If ever you’ve frozen water in a bottle, you know that ice expands when it freezes, thus that’s what occurs to the moisture in the dirt under the freezer, it simply expands. What happens next is that this expansion will create a round cap referred to as a lens and it will push upward through the insulation and the vapor barrier and it will ultimately force the concrete under the freezer floors to buckle, which is referred to as heaving.

Freezer floors that have suffered through heaving will crack and otherwise cause damage even to the building’s foundation. Whatever is stored in such a freezer will not be level, and thus the stacks or shelving may become dangerous as they could easily fall or topple over.

One of the engineering requirements of freezer floors is that they need to be coved. Coving of the freezer floor supplies some guarantees that spilled liquids, for instance, will not permeate through the floor and eventually reach the ground, then ultimately freeze and cause the aforementioned heaving of the freezer floor. If you are familiar with freezer floors that have been engineered by Silikal, a very commonly utilized freezer floor material, you will know that they have always coved their product, long before it became an understood necessity.

In addition, Silikal is a completely sealed flooring design which means that it will not even allow a pin drop of liquid to permeate through its bond between the hermetically sealed flooring and the concrete below it. This is excellent news in preventing concrete heaving.

The reactive resins that are used in Silikal freezer flooring are actually capable in producing tremendous resistance to the highly aggressive media that is encountered in the strong cleaning agents found in freezer floor cleaning yet all at the same time as producing excellent mechanical resistance to such damage as wear and tear on the concrete. Perhaps now you understand why Silikal is the first choice for freezer floors, which by the way can even be installed under freezing temperatures.

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