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Food production flooring is actually unlike any other flooring found. The reasons for this are many of course, but if one looks at what that flooring is subject to, one at least begins to grasp why it is so different.

Consider perhaps the very difficult conditions that floor must be subject to. Corrosive products are utilized on it to keep it clean and cleansing of such a floor is practically constant in many instances. Then too, because it is food production flooring, chances are that the floor undergoes thermal shock each and every day, sometimes more than once per day. Some of food production flooring is cleaned using steam which causes yet another type of shock to the flooring. As if all of this was not enough torture for the food production flooring often it is further subject to heavy loads and maybe even the world’s most damaging machinery known to flooring, the dreaded forklift!

Nothing, but nothing can damage a floor more than to use forklifts upon it. Forklifts whether used properly as well as improperly causes innumerable cuts as well as gouges in flooring, but in areas where forklifts are utilized, one often sees rubber burns in the floor as well. What this means is that not enough care was taken to have the proper kind of flooring installed in an area that specializes in food production and also uses forklifts.

There is one kind of flooring that is often utilized for food production flooring where even forklifts will be used, and that is Silikal The reasons are of course many, but it can be thoroughly resistant to thermal shock, it resists just about any kind of impact, and it can resist chemical attacks very well, and of course it can take the punishment that forklifts can dole out to its flooring.

Add to all of this, the fact that Silikal is totally non porous as well as entirely seamless, thus providing the perfect flooring for ease in keeping it clean, and the fact that it never ever develops even pinholes that might allow steam to enter under the floor, and you have the recipe for the perfect food production flooring imaginable. Silikal creates the best secure bond to any substrate surface found in food processing environments.

It is difficult to describe all of the reasons why Silikal works so very well as food production flooring over and above all others, but suffice it to say that those who have installed Silikal in any food production plant are incredibly pleased with the results. In designing how the floor would be laid the Silikal engineers made suggestions as to not just the type of Silikal flooring would be installed, but color schemes were worked out so that the entire plant would benefit from having certain areas differently color coded for not just safety’s sake but also to make the plant more efficient. Now that you know all the reasons behind Silikal being so important to food production flooring do be sure and look into it for your own food production company.

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