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Flooring Options

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It seems that even when we spend a decent amount of time in a commercial establishment, if one were to ask us if we noticed the floor, we would have to shrug our shoulders and say, “You know, I don’t remember.” This is because the flooring was uninspiring, and totally banal. Unless we fall flat on our faces and the floor came up awfully fast, few of us remember the floor. There are, of course, exceptions to that and once in a while we’ll recall a floor that grabbed our attention even if we did not fall on it.

Commercial locations have so many flooring options today in flooring that would enable them to stand out that we ought to be stunned not at those that stand out but at the uninspiring ones.

Laminate Flooring

This kind of flooring was in the past always been made of wood, but the finish today may now be eye fooling ceramic tile and even marble, though it’s still laminate. It is adequately described as a sandwich of materials, most of them man made. Durability may be a negative factor for commercial use.


Carpeting can be plush and elegant, but in a commercial establishment tends to wear out too quickly. Styles, patterns and textures abound for sure, but they do need replacement rather often and are totally out in many commercial uses due to wear and tear, or when other considerations such as function is important. For instance, carpeting would be a wrong choice where spills are common, or in an operating room where everything should be antiseptic. Flooring options there do not include carpeting.

Resilient Flooring

Some of these options include vinyl, rubber, linoleum and cork. These may present their own problems for commercial use, especially if used in the wrong environment as above. Rubber needs to be carefully cleaned and thoroughly dried before being put down again, and the area underneath also must be painstakingly dry as well. While it is true that there are some astoundingly beautiful choices to be made in resilient flooring, care needs to be taken regarding stains, and durability once more.

Wood Flooring

Although wood flooring did provide all flooring in the past, we have graduated from wood to other cleaner, waterproof, totally sealed flooring for most commercial establishments. Newer machinery uses have called for making wood an improper choice too, such as forklifts and coolers where wood is totally impractical.

Stone and Tile Flooring

Beautiful to look at perhaps, but it is totally impractical in most commercial uses. This flooring is much better utilized for residential use.

Specialty Flooring

If commercial flooring is required that is wear proof, waterproof, totally seamless, antibacterial and hygienic in addition to chemical, UV, solvent and urine resistant, as well as slip resistant all in one besides being beautiful, then Silikal flooring is recommended. For those who need flooring options that are all that over and above being incredibly attractive, Silikal can become simply memorable with colored flake chips, colored quartz blends, natural pebble blends, and even transparencies blends that astoundingly can hold the company motto within them!

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