Durable Garage Flooring

Durable Garage Flooring

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One may look at the title of this article and imagine garage flooring that gleams brightly or is simply laying there not especially gorgeous or attractive, but actually that’s not what this is about at all. There is one very important word in “durable garage flooring” and that word is durable.

To some, the word simply means that it will last through a wintertime when the garage flooring is subject to snow and possibly road salt all left on the floor from the specific automobiles that park there, as in those that reserved spaces in a large office complex may experience. Thereafter, during the spring when the garage flooring does not have to take quite as much punishment, the flooring is simply redone. Again, that’s what durable garage flooring is to some.

However, for the sake of argument about an imaginary garage, perhaps in a large condominium let’s say, what if the “powers that be” in that condominium wanted to take the words durable garage flooring literally, and truly want something on their garage floor that is truly durable? What then?

The most durable garage flooring currently known to man is Silikal. Over and over again it has been proven that even in a punishing atmosphere such as in a garage, Silikal will last and last. It even will outlast the life of that garage!

What makes this modern miracle so durable, you ask? It’s the fact that what is being used when Silikal is being put down in that garage is enhanced MMA. MMA is shortened in flooring descriptions, but it actually stands for a methyl methacrylate resin system. However, please note that it is not “just” MMA, but enhanced MMA. Its enhancement allows Silikal to set up for any and all uses in a bit less than one hour! And its enhancement is what makes it outlast any other product that might be used to try to attain durable garage flooring!

In addition, this wonderful product is solvent free, thus it meets all VOC regulations, and thus it will not ever cause cancer, nor cause birth defects. It is USDA and FDA fully approved, and into the bargain it will not result in contributing to the diminution of our ozone layer. Silikal has been utilized in countless garages and parking decks around the world. There truly is no better product for use as fully durable garage flooring!

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