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Dog Kennel Flooring

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Experienced kennel operators are often asked what the best way is of sealing and/or waterproofing concrete kennel floors. Why? Because dog kennel flooring is dastardly frustrating. Those who simply try to paint their concrete slabs know that this is certainly not a workable solution.

There are many ways to handle dog kennel flooring. One can have the floor concrete coated, with either sealer or an epoxy floor covering. Then the problem is that most products simply do not stick to concrete. Very few companies truly understand all the special problems surrounding sealing concrete and even fewer understand the true nature of concrete and how to deal with it.

Call one company and they recommend sealed floors, call another and they want you to purchase stained flooring. Then you will hear about densified floors that are subsequently polished, or safety flooring, rolled rubber flooring, and something called polyaspartic floors, which to many sounds like a floor disease. So, what’s the right way to go for dog kennel flooring? What flooring won’t peel right away, what flooring won’t require a high-pressure hose to clean it, and what kind of flooring won’t need to be totally redone in a few months?

There is a simple and straightforward answer, and that is to use Silikal. With Silikal you will not have to deal with having to redo those floors all the time, thus you will save money. You will be able to thoroughly control contaminating bacteria, and all moisture problems as well as be able to control odors. In addition, you will thoroughly avoid having slippery floors. Best yet, you will never have to contend with peeling coatings nor paint ever again.

How does Silikal do all this? Well, first of all it is completely seamless, and is especially treated so that it never develops even a pinhole through it that would enable that bacteria and odor causing properties to seep through to the substrate of the concrete. Once Silikal is put down, you never have to redo it again.

More good news about Silikal dog kennel flooring? Both you and your dog will appreciate that Silikal will protect your dog from continuously slipping and sliding on inferior flooring that does not have the non-skid capabilities of Silikal. Silikal fully understands the problems associated with dog kennel flooring, and thus has solved all of those frustrating problems for you ahead of time.

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