Colored Concrete Sealer

Colored Concrete Sealer

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Some people like to be very artsy with a colored concrete sealer, and thus they color their concrete prior to sealing it. It’s done with acid stains, and the look can vary from granite or marble all the way to an aged antique appearance. These people are true artisans and love coloring concrete in this manner but that is time consuming and certainly not practical for an industrial or commercial location.

Now granted that some concrete sealers will dry or cure clear, and in that case the concrete must be colored prior to the application of a sealer. However, many like to kill two birds with one stone and instead utilize a colored concrete sealer. Now in this particular case, ordinarily the color of the sealer should match the color of the colored concrete.

Because not all concrete sealers work the same, and many of them are not of the highest quality, you may make inquiry as to the quality of the colored concrete sealer you are envisioning using. The reason is that unfortunately not all sealers can handle the many problems that concrete is faced with. For instance, you may have to clean it rather regularly, and it may turn out that it will need to be resealed. Granted that depends on how much car traffic, water, foot traffic and how many different chemicals the concrete may be exposed to.

If you are truly seeking a colored concrete sealer, do not let yourself be talked into purchasing an acid stain instead. You will find that these stains are very limited in color choices, ordinarily blacks, browns and a few blue-green colors. The same can be said of concrete paints. Silikal instead offers you hundreds of colors, many earth tones, and of course the very colorful tropical colors that are very much in vogue today.

Besides offering you a true colored concrete sealer, you may also decide that you want something truly different. Thus you might wish for a highly colored quartz effect, or very colorful attractive flakes. Then too you may decide on the incredibly beautiful pebble blends. Some even desire natural looking pebble rock colored concrete sealers from Silikal. Whether you are seeking flooring for an industrial location or a commercial location, Silikal will definitely have the color ranges that you envision, or even that your decorator envisions. Call your Silikal representative today, and whatever you do prepare to be absolutely dazzled.

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