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Cement Floor Sealer

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Interestingly enough there really is no such thing as a cement floor, just as there was no cement pond in the “Beverly Hillbillies.” To be correct one would have to call it a concrete floor sealer, but since you bothered looking up on a cement floor sealer, we’ll call it just that.

You see, concrete has cement in it…to make concrete you use what’s called “aggregates” as well as paste. The aggregates can be crushed stone, gravel or sand or a healthy combination of all of those. The paste is actually water and what’s referred to as Portland Cement. Now, that’s not to be confused with a brand name at all, but a generic name for concrete. It’s kind of calling a refrigerator a fridgedaire the way your Mom or grandmother may have done. Concrete will get stronger and stronger day by day through hydration. It may help you to understand the difference between cement and concrete, if you were to realize that within the total mass of concrete there is only approximately 12-13% cement in it.

Now, Silikal is a cement floor sealer, A.K.A. a concrete floor sealer that ranks extremely highly in floor sealers. If you investigate Silikal you will find that it has some of the highest abrasion ratings, incredible stain resistance to such things as solvents, oils and foods, and even many other chemicals. Its heat resistance is unmatched!

If you are curious as to how Silikal the cement floor sealer works, what happens is that the sealer soaks into the porous concrete and it creates its own chemical reaction, which will be absolutely permanent. It will give a flat appearance and will not wear away. The point being that it will lastingly bond with the permeable (porous) concrete and thus will actually strengthen that surface. It will also be able to repel water, mold, urine, salt, gasoline and oil as it makes a moisture barrier on that concrete. That means that it will totally halt cracking, spalling, scaling and chipping of the concrete’s surface. The stain resistance will increase substantially, and it will make cleaning tremendously easier. Yet, it is breathable and it can be rendered slip proof easily upon application.

In addition Silikal can be applied with tremendous color enhancement bringing either a gloss finish or a wet look. You can receive matte or gloss finishes, clear or truly translucent color and even an opaque coloring with Silikal.

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