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What anti static flooring provides is a type of protection against electrostatic discharge. The way that it works is that the floor has been grounded to lead electrostatic discharge literally into the ground, hence the word usage of “ground.” There are many instances where anti static flooring is actually a necessity. For example hospitals need to have anti static flooring as do many industries that deal with computers. Computers can be harmed by an electrostatic discharge, as can many of the electronic devices used in an array of computerized equipment thus that is why hospitals need anti static flooring. Actually any business that utilizes static sensitive operational equipment will be in need of various forms of anti static flooring.

Also any place that uses flammable components which could become ignited through a tiny electrostatic spark will use anti static flooring for obvious reasons. In addition it is known that tiny particles of finely powdered substances may in fact create dust clouds of static discharge. The result is unfortunately an explosion causing a major industrial accident. The best example of this is a grain silo which has resulted in catastrophic explosions. Of course there is also fuel vapor and this too requires grounding of electrostatic discharge. However, it should be understood that there are degrees of anti static flooring, and explosives grade flooring will be entirely different than the anti static flooring required in say hospitals for example.

Then too there is anti static flooring that is utilized for communication system equipment, such as the police or emergency dispatch centers that are found in your city or county. This too requires scientific knowledge as to what kind of anti static flooring is required there in order to keep the center going to protect the public.

It should be obvious now that knowledge about anti static flooring is greatly needed by a flooring company. Thus if you require anti static flooring, you had best deal with a flooring company that has the experience required in dealing with such, and also has the scientific personnel required to gain that experience without putting others in danger.

That company is very obviously Silikal. With other 55 years of experience in all matters regarding flooring of all kinds, they can easily meet the stringent requirements you have for anti static flooring. In addition, you will find that even though it is anti static flooring, it can still be beautiful flooring, can still have the shine that is needed for the look of cleanliness. But speaking of cleanliness, Silikal is often the flooring of choice for operating rooms because it is a monolithic floor, meaning that it has no breaks in it whatsoever. Silikal will not even engender a pin hole in it so that various microbes or bacteria cannot get under that floor.

In addition, Silikal is puncture resistant so that dropped scalpels can find their way to the floor and not create punctures in it that would lead to that problem of microbes and bacteria. If you need anti static flooring, no one is better equipped to render you the proper service and knowledge that Silikal has.

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