Anti Slip Floor Coatings

Anti Slip Floor Coatings

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Silikal has been around for over 55 years and in all those years, it has been responsible for keeping personnel of many different companies safe from slips, falls and skids as well, some of these even under rather extreme conditions. These businesses sometimes cause those extreme conditions as part of their business. These include such things as snow, rain, food scraps, water and even chemicals known to be exceedingly slippery.

Interestingly enough ordinary floor paint “doctored up” with sand has been the most common anti slip floor coatings prior to Silikal. The problems were of course that the sand wore off rather easily and there were even sand crystals that laid in wait to actually cause slip and falls! Silikal on the other hand, has anti slip floor coatings that not only meet but exceed the strictest Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the Occupational and Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) specifications in addition to passing the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) tests!

What this means to any company wanting to utilize Silikal anti slip floor coatings, is that Silikal has obviously been engineered to hold up from all heavy traffic, be it pedestrians, steel-wheeled vehicles, or even forklifts. It is that strong!

Silikal is not just extreme impact as well as chemical resistant. It is also UV resistant thus it will not yellow in sunlight, nor will it ever become brittle due to action from Mother Nature. No matter what, it will retain its anti slip floor coatings.

In addition, with paint that contains sand in it you end up with a very low profile friction surface that will allow such things as hydroplaning or slipping and skidding. All of these are extremely dangerous yet with the use of Silikal they can all be avoided. You see, Silikal offers you a highly forceful profile friction surface, which instead will provide the user extreme high traction at all times.

Silikal is a worldwide company that creates, manufactures and installs products for anti slip floor coatings, repair compounds, polymer coatings, as well as all manner of flooring for both indoor and outdoor use. They are well known for pleasing their commercial, institutional, industrial, and marine markets. Silikal is the maker of epoxy based patching and resurfacing compounds which are even suited for floors that will be exposed to such things as water, oils, solvents and even acids. And through it all Silikal maintains its anti slip floor coatings!

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