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The dictionary definition of a flooring contractor is rather simple; it is basically someone who comes after construction is complete to put some kind of finish on flooring, such as tile, linoleum, laminates, carpeting, wooden or other flooring. Typical of the dictionary to reduce such an important job down to a few words, but depending on whom the flooring contractor works for, they may very well be highly educated in flooring, have taken endless courses, and in addition have to be personally licensed to do what they do.

Today, many flooring contractors are actually college graduated engineers and they truly need to be to understand the complications and vagaries of some flooring. This has led to the promulgation of the Floor Covering Installation Contractors Association, known as FCICA to those in the field. The vision of this association is to provide the uppermost concentration of not just installation expertise, but also to bring forth various solutions as well as opportunities in order to properly network with industry experts. In addition, they strive to establish minimum standards, completely clear specifications, thorough uniform training as well as the promulgation of quality craftsmanship among their ranks.

As important as the residential market is for a flooring contractor, those who wish to specialize in the commercial flooring market understand that an important facet of their profession is producing estimates that are sometimes solely based on plans and drawings. They must often bid for a particular job, and regularly must face very stringent scheduling requirements. In addition they are often called upon to coordinate with other craftsmen and tradesmen.

The knowledge that a good flooring contractor must have with regard to different products and materials is vital. Granted that personal ability, skill, experience and work ethics may vary considerably however those who wish to remain in the flooring contracting business do their utmost to satisfy those who hire them. So from this you may gather that experience counts heavily in any flooring contractor after all you want a flooring contractor who thoroughly understands durability.

Moving forward to covering the well trained flooring contractors who work for Silikal. Silikal has for years gathered their installers directly from the industry. They have done this because only those who are in the industry as flooring contractors can be thoroughly familiar with the many problems that may arise onsite. Silikal thus takes the best from the industry and then trains them to become Silikal application engineers. Their training centers are world renowned in the flooring contractor business, and that is because their training is so comprehensive.

Granted the actual product has a lot to do with service life of your flooring, however nothing equals the proper training of a flooring contractor. And this business theory ties in with Silikals’ belief that only fully trained flooring contractors handle their product. Thus it is more than a theory with them; it’s actually a heavy-duty philosophy that’s almost as heavy duty as their flooring is. Thus when seeking an excellent flooring contractor, it will definitely pay to look to Silikal.

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