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Silikal corporate office located in germany.

Concrete overlay is an art, or should be an art actually. Generally one utilizes decorative concrete overlay systems in order to produce beautiful patterns as well as make designs that will rival the looks of traditional tile, stone, or even wood. Surely now you can see why contractors for concrete overlay will often be called artisans. As for your reasons for wishing for an overlay, perhaps you wish to eternally cover up your existing concrete surface imperfections? Perhaps you have a truly ugly slab of concrete that you wish to beautify somehow? Well, decorative overlays will definitely do that for you wherever it is located, be it outdoors or indoors, and let’s face it, doing a concrete overlay will definitely be much lower in cost than totally removing and replacing the offensive concrete.

When you call forth contractors for concrete overlay jobs, they will fill you in on the various overlay types currently available and the options you have for a decorative outlook. They will cover with you the various costs entailed, the maintenance needed after ward, what kind of appearance you can look forward to, and of course the durability of the work. Of course they will explain to you that all cement based overlays have been available for the longest time, today it is common to mix polymer resins with cement and then add sand so that performance can be improved as well as aesthetic qualities and wear resistance. The contractors for concrete overlay will also explain to you how each addition will help it adhere to your existing concrete and how it will help it to resist damage from abrasion, freeze-thaw conditions, UV exposure, chemicals and salt. That’s an important consideration near the ocean, or if salt is used to deter snow and ice.

Contractors for concrete overlays will also cover all the different types of polymer resins, how they can blend them to give you a product that will satisfy the physical attributes you are searching for. Acrylics and acrylic blends are what will bring you the UV resistance you desire as well as giving you excellent bond strength. In addition, contractors for concrete overlays will examine your concrete condition too, and if your concrete is laying on unstable soil, or has experienced spalling from freeze-thaw cycles or deicing salts, or features very severe cracks, they may well tell you that it is beyond the realm of applying a concrete overlay.

Do be sure and call the Silikal Company too. You will find that they are the undisputed professionals in whether or not a site is recommended for any concrete overlays.