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Resilient Flooring

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When one mentions resilient flooring to someone not in the flooring business, they naturally think of something that is very comfortable to walk upon or stand on. They also envision rubber, linoleum, vinyl and cork, as all of those possess a very natural springiness. The problem is that another familiar characteristic of resilient flooring is its semi-resistance to stains, which include liquids, dirt and of course food, although one would not wish to dump iodine on it, it does “resist” stains. Sometimes these kinds of floors are well waxed so that they are also made to be more resistant to stains, but the floors need to be waxed often in that case.

Thus, resilient flooring is also made somewhat water resistant. Those in the resilient flooring business know that unless they can stop water from leaching into that resilient flooring, it becomes a true breeding ground for mildew and mold, among other things, and can render the rooms with resilient flooring in them to become totally unhealthy as well as impossible to be tolerated due to the awful stench that eventually arises from the floor.

Therefore, today’s resilient flooring will be sealed with all manner of chemicals and waxes so that the floor may also be able to resist damage from things dragged across the floor, dollies, rolling furniture and many other items that might damage the flooring. The sealing effects work for a while, even under high foot traffic, but then need to be replenished. It’s an unending task. However, one must keep in mind that both linoleum and vinyl flooring is quite cheap, and are very attractive when first laid. Rubber flooring is not as cheap, but often clashes with the ambiance of its surroundings. Locking rubber pads are even more expensive but eventually even they move, allowing water, etc. to seep in between once more.

Now we come to Silikal. You will see Silikal installed under some of the most punishing locales possible. For instance in a baseball stadium where not only cleats walk on the flooring, but also there’s extreme heat in summer, and extreme cold in winter. The wear and tear of the patrons alone would be enough to wear away a less resilient flooring, but add to that ground in peanut shells, sticky spilled drinks as well as foods such as mustard, ketchup and hot dogs, and you would have quite a mess on ordinary resilient flooring.

In the instance located in the above paragraph, Silikal will actually render cleanup absolutely simple. Best yet, those heavily traveled areas will never show any of its wear and tear, not ever. Talk about resilience, nothing gets under the Silikal floor, ever!

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