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Hangar Floor Coating Specifications: A Call for Endurance

Hangar Floor Coating Specifications & Requirements

Open hangared surface coat shows seamless quality specific to poured flooring.Large empty floor plan glows blue with specified poured hangar surface coating design.

Aircraft maintenance hangers are one of the most difficult to find good flooring for due to the many hangar floor coating specifications. Arguments arise as to whether light coatings of greater than 16 mills, where one mil is equal to 0.001” or thicker film coatings of greater than 250 mils is correct. Then too, some quality control people prefer an overcoating sound coating system.

Whichever method is utilized, there is at least complete agreement to the following: the hangar floor coating specifications absolutely must tolerate any high moisture vapor emanation rates, must produce a suitably level surface when it is laid over coarse concrete, must have a very high impact resistance, and most also agree that it should be a proper topcoat base for at least 10 years of service.

The chemical resistance of most topcoats requires that during the initial curing of said hangar floors, meaning the first two weeks of service, any chemical spills and even any drips need to be straightaway removed from the floor surfaces. Cardboard or plastic sheets need to be placed under each tire of the aircraft, as those tires may have become warm enough to create tire imprints on the new topcoat and permanently mark it. Further hangar floor coating specifications require that only light scrubbing or mopping be allowed for cleaning. No organic solvents, abrasive particle cleansers, high pH alkali cleansers, or detergents that may contain bleach or low pH acids may be used on such flooring.

If you have read the above so far, how would you like to simply throw those entire hangar floor coating specifications out the window? If instead of the other kinds of flooring possibilities you utilize Silikal in its place you may do that very thing with complete impunity.

The Silikal aircraft hangar floor coating will provide the high performance being sought, for the Silikal flooring will resist all those grueling aviation chemicals as well as jet fuels within one hour following installation. Then too, Silikal aircraft hangar floor coatings will also enhance the light reflectivity of the hangar without succumbing to UV fading, and that is important for both workplace efficiency as well as safety. In addition, the floor will be very stress-free to clean, which saves both time and money. Hangar owners as well as contractors believed that only high solvent resisting coatings had to be used for aircraft hangar floor coatings, but now the greater majority has learned about the high performance product called Silikal which is a low solvent content flooring.

Thanks to Silikal, hangar floors are now left with flooring that will hold up to the heavy loads as well as the mechanical abrasion found in hangars. Those hangar floors that utilized the Silikal competitors in the past have unsightly and uneven floors. Only Silikal floors are perfectly even and last for years and years – so long in fact we have yet to determine just how long as Silikal floors installed decades ago are still shining like new!


Slip Resistant Tile Porcelain: Protecting Elegance

A Slip Resistant Tile Porcelain Sealant

A tiled porcelain entry way shines with a new slip resistant top coat sealer.A slip resisting bathroom surface with tiled porcelain walls keeps this bathroom safe and clean.

If ever you have slipped on tiled flooring, you know why it’s important to have slip resistant tile porcelain. Now, you should know that there is such a thing as skid resistance scaling for floors. This is important if you are seeking slip resistant tile porcelain. The Ceramic Tile Institute has put it out, so you know for sure that it can be totally relied upon.

What you will find terribly interesting about this particular skid resistance scale is that they take into consideration a number of premises. For example they carefully look at the differences in the tile, whether it has bumps or is polished, as polished shiny tile is obviously much more slippery. They then look at the speed of the subject. This too is quite important, as a young teenager running to get to his phone can put on a startling amount of speed, as you may already be aware of. They even look at the force required to move that particular subject, and most importantly if the tile is going to be wet or dry. That alone can change the entire story, as you can imagine. Finally they even study the angle of the tile. Of course any tile will be much more slippery if on an angle rather than flat, just as snow skiing has to be done on quite an angle to get the true slippery feeling under your skis.

Some interesting asides here regarding slip resistant tile porcelain is the fact that those highly polished shiny tiles are definitely counter indicative if you have small children or the elderly who will be walking upon that tile. This is why hotel and high rise building flooring shy away from the extra polished tiles. Another aside is that the greater the tile has an anti-slip finish on it, the harder it will be to keep scrupulously clean, which is highly important in commercial bathrooms, dressing rooms, gyms and locker rooms of all kinds.

Those who are mathematically inclined will like that the way they work the slip resistance of tile, wet or dry, is to utilize the coefficient of friction. What they are seeking to accomplish is to try to meet or exceed the general safety and health needs, comprising of the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) as well as the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requirements.

Interestingly enough even the shiniest, most beautifully polished tile can be rendered non-slip by the application of clear Silikal. Thus, as the saying goes, you can have your cake and eat it too! What happens is that the Silikal clear coat is simply applied over the existing tile, and there it bonds so that no liquids will ever enter it. Silikal, you see, is totally impermeable and throughout the life of the Silikal application it will remain pinhole free. Silikal will rein in your now slip resistant tile porcelain so that it becomes totally slip free while retaining the aesthetic beauty of that gorgeous tile porcelain!


Resinous Flooring Specifications: A Floor to Match A Need

Resinous Flooring Specifications & The Need for An Enduring Top Coat

Resinous flooring specific to solvent resistance protects against potential holding tank spills.Specified floor resins protect this large mechanical room.

When you are in search of various resinous flooring specifications, you will find that ultimately one product is as good as another. Over and over again you will be faced with two very long words, so long that they will be abbreviated, and those words are Methyl Methacrylate or MMA as abbreviated and mostly known as because it is such a mouthful to pronounce.

Delving even further in resinous flooring specifications, you may make a very interesting and effectively highly meritorious discovery. Silikal does not use MMA in their resinous flooring specifications!

That is because Silikal utilizes “enhanced” MMA instead. Their researchers and scientists have found that to make a miracle product such as MMA was thought to be, into an even better product by enhancing it with a highly secretive ingredient made it completely unique.

Going one step further, you may run into businesses that badly need seamless resinous flooring specifications which have resorted to tile instead. That’s because they were led to believe that tile could be hermetically sealed against any intrusion. Unfortunately that is not so at all.

Tile, it should be clearly understood, is anything but seamless, and therefore it will actually invite microbes to infiltrate underneath and in between tiles. Once there, fungus and even staph will grow under and within its grout. What happens next is the stuff that B grade movies are made of, for usually one sees the grout itself actually begin to disintegrate as various “things” begin to live there such as bacteria, and as mentioned, even staph! All of this and more will happen since tile and grout are definitely not seamless.

Many of other types of resinous flooring specifications disregard long term wear and tear, whereas Silikal does not. Places such as department stores, for example have so much high volume foot traffic that the store must always repair its flooring, lest it become a hazard to both its employees as well as to their customers. You may be assured that being in such a position is not considered good business.

Then too perhaps your business is one that creates the floor to suffer tremendous amounts of corrosion, such as a pool chemical company There too Silikal will be your winner, for it never suffers from any kind of chemical corrosion.

Thus, just remember that all different types of MMA flooring needs to be replaced every so often, it is only Silikal that is proud to state that once applied, it will never have to be repeated again, in the floor’s lifetime. Only Silikal can make that promise!


Flooring for Commercial Buildings: Combining Appeal with Performance

Flooring for Commercial Buildings Enters New Possibilities

Commercialed building steps offer a  no slip floor system for safety.Restaurant building depicts table for two atop grey colored commercial flooring system.

Flooring for commercial buildings may include hospital projects, office buildings, hospitality areas, public restrooms, food markets, and even local gyms and fitness centers to name but a few. Also, flooring for commercial buildings will not include some of the necessities that industrial projects may require.

Regardless of why you need flooring for commercial buildings, you will be seeking flooring that goes on quickly and efficiently, as you do not wish to have to close simply because you are having flooring installed. In addition, you will want to have flooring that is going to last so that you do not have to repeat the project in a few short years. Also, it may be extremely important to you that you do not utilize anything on your floors that has VOC’s or volatile organic compounds. Volatile organic compounds can emit gases from some chemicals that are utilized for flooring such as adhesives typically used in traditional floor systems such as VCT tiles and commercial carpeting.

Also, you may find it of top significance that the cost of such a project does not exceed the specific budget you have been allotted. The product’s overall strength and its durability are of course important, but because it is a commercial enterprise you will also desire something that represents your specific setting. In order to do so, you may decide that sheet vinyl, linoleum’s or even vinyl composition tile is not symbolic of the professional appearance you seek in flooring for commercial buildings.

On the other hand, you may have considered some type of wood flooring, as it is both timeless and quite beautiful, but the maintenance of wood floors may be costly, and if heavily trafficked flooring is giving you pause with regard to wood, Silikal may be the answer all around. For instance, you could have wooden floors that reflect the ambiance you desire, but with Silikal protecting the wood both below and on top, you can have flooring that will last for many decades without having to maintain it. Many people are not aware that Silikal is not just for protecting concrete.

Imagine if you will 3/4″ solid wooden flooring for commercial buildings; let’s say an office building located in a high rent district. The finish on such flooring can be phenomenally posh, just as your decorator chooses. You can even have four sided tongue and groove flooring installed that will reflect the good taste of those who wish to rent in your building. Your professional flooring contractor can make sure that it will even feature stain coloring as per your decorator’s selection.

But if you stop there, damage is always a good possibility, and if ever there are any spills on that gorgeous hardwood floor, it may even find its way to stain the wood, and then move on to the subflooring. Unfortunately that is also when warping could be occasioned, and mold and mildew could set in and you may even find that extremely noxious odors may come through the wooden floor. Whatever you do, when using wood flooring for commercial buildings, be sure and protect it for good by using a vapor moisture membrane that is more than the simple sheeted paper normally provided as paper is a tremendous food source for microbes.


Seamless Floor Finishes for Superior Protection

Seamless Floor Finishes: The Unforeseen Secret to Hygienic Flooring

Deep orange colored flooring completes this seamless kitchen finish.Finished yellow flooring seamlessly blends with two inset floor drain systems.

There are seamless floor finishes, and there are seamless floor finishes. Unfortunately even though they are named the same, they are not the same at all.

For instance, what are you being told will happen prior to those seamless floor finishes being put down? If you are dealing with a company such as Silikal the answer will be complicated. For instance, Silikal will evaluate your existing floor checking out every inch of it. They will be looking for the condition as well as the composition of the existing substrate. The actual presence of moisture will come into play, as well as checking to see if your expansion joints or cracks can be treated. Further, your present wall treatment and cove base will be carefully inspected, as will the current use of the floor, the chemical exposure, the weight loads your floor must hold, the temperature of your floor, as well as traffic patterns and traffic types. Once all of that is assessed and evaluated, then the evaluator can tell you how well Silikal will fit into your budget, your turn around time, as well as matching your desired “look.” This is only part of why Silikal delivers such tremendously successful flooring projects.

Next comes the product itself. You see Silikal utilizes what is called in the flooring industry Enhanced MMA. Silikal has created that specific product through their research laboratories. Thus by designing a flooring system which targets a specific application, the economic expenditures you will run into for Silikal flooring will be completely optimized and because Silikal outlasts any flooring system, then the actual life cycle flooring cost will be reduced to the barest minimal.

Also, Silikal offers a myriad of seamless floor finishes. Therefore it matters not what kind of industry you specialize in, Silikal handles and has experience in everything from sport stadiums to locally owned veterinary clinics. They are also providing seamless floor finishes for pharmaceutical labs, hospitals and biomedical industries. Each Silikal project is treated as if it is one of a kind, as they are fully aware that no flooring system is perfect for every situation.

In addition to the above, you will also find that seamless floor finishes from Silikal are not just formulated to be LEED compliant, but they have absolutely no VOCs! You will also get the quickest turn around time from Silikal as once applied it takes only one hour to be completely cured, thus it can then take all the foot traffic, and even forklift traffic you desire. You should also be aware that any flooring offered by Silikal can be available in sanitized, slip proof or skid mark proof modes.