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Flooring Designed to Last

Long Lasting Flooring With Enhanced Design

Horse Standing On Flooring Designed To Last.Bicycle Shop With Bikes Resting On Flooring Designed To Last.Heavy Machinery On Casters On Flooring Designed To Last.

Designed to last is a rather nebulous term, for some users it means at least two or three years, but to others they would require their flooring to last at least 10 years. As said, “last” is a rather nebulous term.

On the other hand archeologists have found that the Romans not only knew about tile, but used it in many of their buildings. It was thought that the motivation for tile was perhaps for occupational reasons, but the point is that this was in their minds as flooring designed to last. And last it did, obviously for centuries. Thus, this has led many to consider tile as flooring to last.

There is unfortunately one point that some people seem to overlook though, and that is tile is only going to last as long as nothing gets underneath it. You see tile is bounded by grout. Grout, even when sealed will lose that seal eventually and any liquid on that tile floor will unfortunately seep into the grout and ultimately go underneath the tile. Once that happens, more water will find its way under the tile, and odors begin to rise from it. Now remember that we said that tile lasts, but unfortunately once water goes under tile, the next thing that happens is that tiles begin to pop up. Granted, the tiles themselves do last, but the flooring does not.

The very same thing happens to wood flooring as we know. Again many have tried to seal it, but the products they used have not lasted, and once more the floor covering is not designed to last. Then too there is “engineered” wood flooring, which in actuality is not really wood flooring. It is instead an extremely fine floor coating of some kind of hardwood, which is then laminated directly on a plywood foundation. Of course it is not going to last, given how thin the hardwood is, and eventually it wears off, exposing the plywood which then is extremely unpleasant to see.

Now real marble, granite and slate will last close to a hundred years, but one has to be extremely careful with it, and it certainly should not be utilized in commercial areas, warehouses or in industrial areas, as breakage is certainly a serious concern. At this point in time, many will say that this certainly does not leave anything that even comes close to flooring designed to last. The problem with this thought is that they have not yet heard of Silikal.

Silikal flooring is definitely flooring designed to last, and it is even referred to as lifetime flooring so great is its reputation for lasting. Silikal was created by scientists who labored extensively to find an additive to make MMA (methyl methacrylate) flooring no longer develop tiny little pin like holes in it following installation. They had realized that MMA was excellent for flooring to last, but those pinholes stopped it from lasting as long as it should. Thus enhanced MMA came along, and now Silikal lasts and lasts!


Premium Commercial Flooring

Not All Commercial Flooring Can Be Considered “Premium”

Football Stadium With Premium Commercial Flooring.High Foot Traffic On Premium Flooring In Commercial Building.Premium Commercial Flooring With Flakes To Match The Blue Locker-room.

As amazing as the results are there are times when looking something up on the Web creates some very surprising results. For example seeking “premium commercial flooring” might even bring back results for laminate flooring! Extremely surprising as the second word of this search was definitely the word “commercial” and thus we are asked to believe that a laminate would have patented fine art technology enough to be utilized in a commercial venue!

Anyone in flooring would find this positively ludicrous of course, since commercial flooring must be substantially stronger than any technology could possibly bring to laminate. Commercial use implies that the flooring would have to put up with a great number of circumstances that would challenge this flooring.

These challenges include a tremendous amount of wear and tear from just human feet, which is actually referred to as foot traffic. It is amazing what foot traffic can do to floor coatings since it does not appear to be extremely destructive. However, the soles of human footwear retain a terrific amount of debris, much of which is actually tiny little particles that look like sand, but are of course consistent with sandpaper, and you know what sandpaper does to even very hearty strong pieces of wood. Thus when speaking of commercial flooring one must take into account what high foot traffic will do to the flooring prior to choosing something as possibly fragile as laminate. After all the abrasion resistance of laminate is nowhere as strong as many different types of flooring covering.

It seems the word “premium” is often misleading too, as it does not often relate to a product that is the very best available. In using the word premium we meant for it to be communicated as being the best, superior, first-class, in fact the finest available. Thus it will be up to us to decide what can be defined as premium commercial flooring. Now that we think on it, there is but one product that defines premium commercial flooring and that is Silikal.

Because we intend to present flooring that will stand up to any commercial use, only Silikal can fit within those parameters. Silikal is incredibly tough, able to withstand any amount of foot traffic no matter how abrasive the bottoms of their feet are. This is why you will find Silikal used in shopping malls all over the world, as well as in areas such as stadiums, and even in airports. We bring up airports because airports do have an inordinate amount of pedestrian traffic. Every day thousands of people will come through terminal buildings, thus they often feature Silikal since Silikal is premium commercial flooring!

And so at last we have found a premium commercial flooring that can be used in the same breath and that all search engines should return. Ordinarily we need to be careful by what is meant by premium commercial flooring, but in this case it is quite simple as Silikal IS premium commercial flooring.


Best Industrial Floors

What the Best Industrial Floor has to Offer

The Best Green-colored Industrial Floors Under Beverage Tanks. The Best Industrial Floors Used In A Hospital Showing Two Colors That Meet.Stadium Seating With The Best Industrial Floors Colored To Match The Yellow Chairs.

Sometimes when you are asked about the best coffee brand, what you reply is going to be a personal opinion that may not necessarily match the one who is doing the questioning. More often than not personal opinion certainly enters into the conversation whenever people are discussing the “best” anything. One of the few questions that does not elicit a personal opinion though is a discussion of what are the best industrial floors?

Granted someone who does not know about Silikal industrial floors may suggest another brand because they personally believe that the brand they just mentioned really is the best industrial floors around. But anyone who has had contact with Silikal floors will not come up with any other name but Silikal.

There are a myriad of reasons why Silikal is the best industrial floor coating, and we may miss a reason or two in the space allotted here, but first is its beauty. That is, of course, first because anytime we encounter flooring that strikes us as something to talk about, it is going to reflect its beauty in our eyes. You only need look at some of the pictures found on Silikal’s site to be able to agree that they are simply beautiful and breathtaking. Each picture there is lovelier and more eye appealing than the previous one.

Next to its inherent beauty is its propensity to be made into whatever a certain industry needs. For instance if there is grease and oil involved in the industry the Silikal floor will be rendered extra non slippery so that accidents are reduced on the floor. If industrial flooring needs to be laid in an outdoor stadium, Silikal will be sure to lay out certain sections to show where higher price seating is located, and special markings can be built into the stadium floor to show where exits are located or perhaps where vendors and bathroom facilities can be found.

Consider next perhaps a Silikal floor in a hospital. Many hospitals are so large that getting lost inside them is a possibility. However many hospitals are using Silikal flooring with colorful arrows built into the floor to direct patients to different sectors of the hospital, making it easier to find their way around in vast confusing hospital corridors.

Parking garages are transformed into well-lit and even quiet garages by utilizing Silikal reflective markings on the floors, and the squeal of tires can be vastly reduced as well. The levels are easily remembered with color combinations emblazoned on its floors, and even all elevators are simple to find due to the walkways having directional markers on them. Those parking garage floors will also have been treated so that they are completely resistant to gasoline and diesel fuel.

Additionally, consider the food production and beverage industry. Only the best industrial floors are acceptable. Silikal floor covering offers the best and is still able to wow visually.


Quality Floor Coats

Talking Quality Coats for Floors

Bar With Stools Resting On Quality Floor Coating.Large Commercial Bakery With Some Flour Spilled On The Quality Floor Coating.Large Beverage Vats Sit On Quality Floor Coats.

There are a huge number of quality floor coats for an even bigger number of various needs. For instance the needs of a medical research facility will not be the same as the needs of an aircraft hangar, a machine shop, or a food processing plant. Each of those will have special needs which will decide on what is a quality floor coat for that particular industry.

A restaurant for example may seek to change their ambiance. They may want quality floor coats that might produce a rustic natural stone look with river rocks, while a more modern restaurant may seek an unobtrusive flooring that blends in more with the décor rather than call attention to the flooring. Granted as both are restaurants, both will want a product that is totally sealed against moisture intrusion, and both will desire their kitchens to be treated so that they are completely non slip in order to reduce slip and falls by their kitchen staff and assorted chefs and sous chefs.

Looking at some condominiums constructed today which may have underground parking garages, walkways and even balconies that require quality floor coats, there are various floor systems that will accommodate all of their needs. However the condominium should not have to go from one company to another to find the right products. Regardless of what is specifically needed, quality floor coats can all be found through Silikal.

Silikal was originally from Germany and since has been known for its quality floor coats for all manner of industries. Take the food industry for example such as a large bakery. Even though such a plant as well as all its machinery must be maintained ultra clean at all times, perhaps at one time their flooring was new, but it certainly was not Silikal. Thus they began to notice tiny cracks as well as fissures begin to develop in their flooring. They ascertained that it was caused by the temperature fluctuations in the bakery, as well as various vibrations from their large equipment. In addition, they were told that the aggressive chemicals they had used to clean their floors exacerbated the problem tremendously. They understood that their flooring was about to turn into the perfect environment for the growth of bacteria as well as germs, and before it could have a hard impact on the quality of their products, they called Silikal.

Silikal covered with them the various quality floor coats they had, and further explained that the entire new flooring could be installed overnight, thus not disrupting their bakery more than a few hours. They were impressed that once laid in place Silikal was ready for business only one hour later, and that Silikal is a no VOC product. They were even more impressed when they were told that Silikal is a potentially lifetime floor due to it being the highest quality floor coat.


Dense Industrial Floors

Floors Dense Enough for any Industrial Industry

Automotive Parts Stacked On Shelves Over Dense Industrial Floors.Industrial Machinery Resting On Dense Floors.Mechanics Working On Cars Over Dense Industrial Floors.

The word dense is often utilized as meaning thick. But in the case of floors, thick is not exactly what one seeks when one thinks about dense industrial floors. Perhaps those speaking of dense industrial floors do not necessarily mean thick floors but perhaps they mean impenetrable industrial floors.

After all, an industrial floor utilized in a manufacturing plant will have to be successfully implemented so that it can withstand vibrations occurring from heavy machinery or perhaps when front line workers accidentally drop various heavy tools. Mechanical impacts are often overlooked when considering industrial floors and thus flooring suffers. Then too there are industrial floors that have not been designed to take the various oils and grease that may be on an industrial floor. Worse yet is not to figure on the chemical attacks that some industrial flooring must combat. Then too, let’s face it no matter how dense an industrial floor may be, it can still be damaged by the above portrayals.

After all the goal is in designing industrial floors that form a sanitary and uncontaminated area, thus making a neater as well as safer work setting for all of the workforce in any production or engineering plant. Even assembly plants can benefit from the introduction of various colors, textures as well as even floor level bright signage that can emphasize any special working zones and even their walkways, will aid any manufacturing facility to be able to be more efficient. In addition it will aid a manufacturing facility to have their workforce energized and even have their spirits uplifted instead of having to work in the doldrums of a depressing colorless world.

But it is not just manufacturing plants that can benefit from a better working environment. It also applies to any industry, ranging from workshops, maintenance buildings, assembly lines, warehousing, loading bays, paint shops, or any industrially centered work areas. Thus, one of the foremost “dense” industrial flooring around is Silikal.

Silikal floors are not thick, but rather are perfectly suited to correctness in the examples above, adding color, texture and bright signage to any industrial area. But Silikal goes so much further than that, for Silikal brings along safety by making the floors non slippery, or non-conductive/anti-static when necessary.

Those who use Silikal flooring are anything but dense too. You see Silikal flooring is the only flooring that is said to be potentially lifetime flooring. That means that it will not begin to fall apart prematurely requiring replacement soon after installation like so many others. It will not need extraordinary maintenance either, yet it will maintain its beauty year after year. You cannot imagine the pride of ownership people have when they own a Silikal floor, no matter what industry they take part in. So the next time someone mentions dense industrial floors, do remember this article and know that dense in flooring does not always need to mean thick.