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Resinous Flooring Specifications: A Floor to Match A Need

Resinous Flooring Specifications & The Need for An Enduring Top Coat

Resinous flooring specific to solvent resistance protects against potential holding tank spills.Specified floor resins protect this large mechanical room.

When you are in search of various resinous flooring specifications, you will find that ultimately one product is as good as another. Over and over again you will be faced with two very long words, so long that they will be abbreviated, and those words are Methyl Methacrylate or MMA as abbreviated and mostly known as because it is such a mouthful to pronounce.

Delving even further in resinous flooring specifications, you may make a very interesting and effectively highly meritorious discovery. Silikal does not use MMA in their resinous flooring specifications!

That is because Silikal utilizes “enhanced” MMA instead. Their researchers and scientists have found that to make a miracle product such as MMA was thought to be, into an even better product by enhancing it with a highly secretive ingredient made it completely unique.

Going one step further, you may run into businesses that badly need seamless resinous flooring specifications which have resorted to tile instead. That’s because they were led to believe that tile could be hermetically sealed against any intrusion. Unfortunately that is not so at all.

Tile, it should be clearly understood, is anything but seamless, and therefore it will actually invite microbes to infiltrate underneath and in between tiles. Once there, fungus and even staph will grow under and within its grout. What happens next is the stuff that B grade movies are made of, for usually one sees the grout itself actually begin to disintegrate as various “things” begin to live there such as bacteria, and as mentioned, even staph! All of this and more will happen since tile and grout are definitely not seamless.

Many of other types of resinous flooring specifications disregard long term wear and tear, whereas Silikal does not. Places such as department stores, for example have so much high volume foot traffic that the store must always repair its flooring, lest it become a hazard to both its employees as well as to their customers. You may be assured that being in such a position is not considered good business.

Then too perhaps your business is one that creates the floor to suffer tremendous amounts of corrosion, such as a pool chemical company There too Silikal will be your winner, for it never suffers from any kind of chemical corrosion.

Thus, just remember that all different types of MMA flooring needs to be replaced every so often, it is only Silikal that is proud to state that once applied, it will never have to be repeated again, in the floor’s lifetime. Only Silikal can make that promise!

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