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Resin Floor Finish

What Is A Resin Floor Finish?

Bathroom Sink With A Resin Floor Finish Underneath.Resin Floor Finish In A Warehouse.Commercial Kitchen Prep Area With A Gray Resin Floor Finish.

We have all heard of various companies who will install a resin floor finish to commercial or industrial flooring. However few of us are actually thoroughly in the know of what it is exactly.

A resin floor finish used to be around long before we even were aware of resins, because Mother Nature has created resins for eons. Look at perhaps a maple tree or many pine trees and you will see Mother Nature’s resins, for it is very simply sap. Now looking away from Mother Nature’s sap or resin, let’s consider a different form of resin, namely synthetic resin. Synthetic means that it is man-made of course.

However, before moving on to synthetic resins, consider the Mother Nature type once more, and think how she presents her resin. It leaks or comes out of the bark as a viscous compound, and what it eventually does is harden and then harden some more. How hard can it get? Well, consider amber which is actually fossilized plant resin. Thus the ultimate answer is that it can get so hard as to become extremely inflexible even though it comes from a viscous producing plant.

Synthetic resins are of course man made as evinced earlier, but it is important to realize that it is manufactured. Before the polymerization process is complete, it begins just as Mother Nature’s resin did, and it is a viscous compound. However what finally happens is that it will set and get hard. That process has the tongue twisting name of polymerization.

If you think about it, synthetic resins are exactly what have been applied to the table tops found in many restaurants as well as bars. You know the ones that have a very bright shine to them, and perhaps have some sort of coins or other interesting objects encased in the shiny plastic? Often the coins or whatever, are so deeply encased in the plastic that one realizes that they are actually trapped inches deep in the synthetic resin. And you know how hard, seamless and durable those table tops are, right? It is quite obvious that at some point prior to the polymerization process being complete, they inserted the coins into the resin.

Similarly to the table topping, a Silikal resin floor finish is seamless and stands out among other flooring options.


Poured Flooring Options

Poured Flooring Options Simplified

Men Installing Poured Flooring In A Large Warehouse.Poured Flooring Options Come In A Variety Of Colors Including This Blue That Is Being Installed In An Office.Poured Flooring Option Installed In An Auto Garage.

If you are considering some kind of poured flooring for your industrial or commercial establishment, you may not know about all the poured flooring options that are available to you. Granted it all depends on the kind of industrial or commercial venue you are talking about, yet there are definitely answers for every problem encountered in the realm of poured flooring.

Modern-day industrial and commercial floor coating advances permit a superfluity of treatments that can be augmented to make any flooring appropriate for any industry. Science has many solutions to many perplexing flooring problems.

Take a commercial garage situation for instance. Within a commercial garage there will be grease, dropped heavy tools, hot tires, and perhaps even snow or rain dripping from the automobiles being serviced. Thus the poured flooring options for such a garage are necessarily the need for non-slippery flooring. The hot tires and dropped tools also mean that the flooring in that garage must be able to withstand that kind of ill-use. Unfortunately, motorized traffic has often been found to be the bane of many kinds of poured flooring causing floor blight to surface within a very short time after installation.

The specifications or requirements of hospital flooring present yet another locale where the poured flooring options are quite demanding. Hospital flooring must meet some of the most arduous challenges today. After all they wish to promote safe, healing and medically nontoxic flooring options as part of their goals. Hospitals all require highly sustainable products in flooring because they wish to have high performance, time-tested flooring consequences on their hospital floors. Yet a hospital also desires to provide a beautiful environment that is stress free for both the workers as well as the patients. Then as if that were not enough, hospital flooring must be easy to keep antiseptic and meticulously clean. Also a hospital must have non-abrasive flooring when considering that beds, gurneys and even heavy equipment such as portable X-ray machinery are being moved constantly to name but a few of the reasons for needing non-abrasive flooring. Imagine if you will, hospital flooring that cannot resist iodine or mercurochrome either?

All the examples above are probably not the reason you are seeking different poured flooring options. After all is said and done though, we all wish a good flooring that is going to be an absolutely odorless zero-VOC formulation, and we even desire it to create an entirely nontoxic finish. Said finish should also be able to last a lifetime, no matter what happens to it, and in addition we want it to pass as a beautiful floor!

All the requirements mentioned above, and then some are all poured flooring options that are available through Silikal. Silikal flooring is a lifetime, self-leveling flooring that can meet and even exceed the demands made for flooring in those instances, and thus can definitely suit your needs no matter how pressing and demanding they may be. Nothing, but nothing is better than Silikal as an answer to all poured flooring options.


Superior Flooring

The Only Superior Flooring

Superior Flooring In A Bathroom With Stalls.Outdoor Stairwell With Superior Flooring.Man Putting On Shoes In An Industrial Kitchen With Superior Flooring.

Superior flooring sounds like a flooring company located around Lake Superior, doesn’t it? But, actually what it is supposed to mean is that the flooring itself is superior, perhaps loftier or grander in some manner. To someone in the flooring business though it means that whatever flooring is being referred to is more advanced in many different approaches.

Could you by any stretch of the imagination imagine a flooring company that advertises that they carry all manner of flooring from not only carpeting, but also tile, hardwood, and such yet can say that they are sellers of superior flooring including industrial as well as commercial flooring? This positively cannot be, as truly advanced flooring that is capable of being used in any commercial or industrial setting has absolutely got to be Silikal.

You see, huge schools utilize Silikal because nothing is stronger than Silikal and can take the punishment that a school venue can dole out. Manufacturing plants utilize Silikal because of its durability no matter how hot or cool a setting is, and in addition it can take the extreme weights that manufacturing plants are renowned for having. Veterinary locales use Silikal because its superior flooring can adapt quite well to high pressure water cleaning that is necessary there. In addition airplane hangars use Silikal because Silikal is impervious to one of the most damaging liquids known to man acknowledged as spilled jet fuel. In addition Silikal has been used over and over again in automobile bays, where the mechanics are liable to slip and slide in grease and oils because Silikal can be rendered slip resistant. Let us not forget that Silikal is also used where babies are kept such as nursery schools because Silikal is a flooring that will absolutely not out gas as many different floors might, thus damaging the tender lungs of tiny babies.

One could go on and on about where Silikal will be used as superior flooring, but then we have omitted one extremely important factor about Silikal and that is that it will definitely outlast any other flooring. Silikal has been named “lifetime” flooring because that is how long it is expected to last. Unlike tile, and even other poured flooring that might discolor due to solar yellowing, Silikal retains the same beauty and excellence that it showed the day it was installed. Commercial areas such as airports and huge retail chains which previously had to replace their flooring with Silikal because it was worn due foot traffic, now marvel at what their floor shows even years after installation. Where Silikal has been utilized in food processing plants, they cannot stop being awed how the floors take even boiling water cleansing in addition to caustic cleansers over and over again, but come out looking brand new.

It seems that when speaking about superior flooring then, it is a moot point, for nothing is more superior in regards to flooring than Silikal. Anything else is but a poor imitation of Silikal and should not be named superior flooring.


Franchise Kitchen Flooring

Kitchen Flooring That Meets The Demands Of Any Franchise


Chef Preparing Food While Standing On Franchise Kitchen Flooring.Orange Franchise Kitchen Flooring With Inset Drain.Flooring In Busy Franchise Kitchen That Enhances The All Metal Cabinets.Surely we all know that kitchen flooring is an animal all to itself. In commercial kitchens accidents seem to happen just as they do in residential kitchens, the only difference being that often the commercial kitchen’s messes are a bit bigger. After all a pizza maker might have to wear a hair net if he or she has shoulder length hair, right? Now, if that pizza maker is a franchisee there is even more regulatory need for a hair net. After all franchises make the rules that the franchisee must abide by in order to maintain that franchise.

For instance there are franchises that delineate what kind of flooring will be laid in the franchise kitchens. Ordinarily they choose some kind of flooring that offers an engaging permutation of value, maintainability, durability and even aesthetics. In other words they choose not only the colors but also the patterns that will be integrated in the kitchen flooring that is coordinated with the particular look of the restaurant, especially when the franchise kitchen flooring can be seen by the general public.

More often than not, their choice of franchise kitchen flooring must have the enhanced performance that is required in today’s heavily challenging commercial environments. Resilience is one of the marks of superior franchise kitchen flooring, thus they are sometimes exigent in demanding the more technologically advanced flooring available from flooring industries. The reason is of course that those kinds of flooring deliver optimum durability. Thus they choose flooring that delivers the most durable floors.

The reasons for this are many, but of course the franchise companies are always totally in the know as to which types of flooring will pass the requirements of such governmental inspection groups such as the Department of Public Health, and even the NFPA which is the National Fire Protection Association. Their often totally unannounced inspections will inspect flooring for those which may hold moisture as well as bacteria from the many food spills that can happen in a commercial kitchen. The flooring cannot be problematic to maintain, nor can it ever be slippery when it is wet. Floor maintenance of course calls for regular cleaning and it must withstand the harsh cleaning methods which sometimes require even steam cleaning periodically.

It really does not matter what kind of food franchise you are into. Whether it is chicken, Bar-B-Q, coffee, deli, hamburgers, fish and seafood, hotdogs and sausages, Mexican, Italian, pizza, vegetarian, or a full service restaurant, all of the franchise kitchen flooring will be looked carefully over by the franchise to make sure it serves their purpose.

There is one very special kind of franchise kitchen flooring that is acceptable regardless of the franchise involved and that is Silikal. The reasons are legendary, but mostly because it answers any and all problems that can be had concerning flooring. It is rendered non slippery when wet, it is all in one piece, referred to as monolithic, and will never develop even the tiniest of pinholes that allow anything to pierce it or slip beneath it. Franchises love it, and so will you if you are seeking a great floor for your franchise.


Seamless Flooring Solution

The Solution To Finding Seamless Flooring

Commercial Kitchen With The Solution To Seamless Flooring.Doctor's Office Hallway With Seamless Flooring Solution.Seamless Office Flooring Solution That Has Inlaid Silhouettes.

Why should any flooring be seamless? After all, wood floors in hospitals did just fine in the days of our grandfathers. Then came tile floors and when they were first installed, we never envisioned anything being able to get under tile even when installed in commercial kitchens. Then when press-on tile floors became the rage, they were even in our dentist’s offices, and we never gave a thought about what could possibly get under those.

How our times have changed. Now, thanks to advanced scientific studies, we are now fully aware of the dangers that such flooring can present. Scientists tell us that for instance wood and even tile, allows all manner of microbes to infiltrate beneath the joints that are contained in such flooring. For instance dirty water and other filth can seep through the grout of tile flooring, thus it’s not the fault of the tile per se that creates the problems associated with tile flooring, but the grout. Thus the need for a seamless flooring solution.

You see the grout is not a seamless flooring system, and in fact is extremely porous. Its porosity enables it to have all kinds of dirty water enter into it which then infiltrates under the tile. Once this happens it festers there. Next mildew grows, and all manner of different molds will establish themselves under the tile. Tiles will eventually begin to pop off, and that’s usually when the problems under the tile will be exposed.

Though many have tried to somehow seal the grout around tile that is a most difficult proposition, as all it takes is a hairline fracture in the grout, and the problem returns. It is truly unfortunate that few are aware that there are actually 1,500,000 different species of fungi. Even more staggering is the fact that 80 of those are what are called allergenic, meaning that they cause terrible allergies in some, especially children, the elderly and anyone whose immunity has been weakened for some reason. Various names of the more common fungi encountered beneath tile are Stachybotrys, Periconia, Penicillium, Cladosporium, Chaetomium, Basidiospores, Aspergillus, and finally Alternaria.

We have all heard of VOCs but not everyone knows that it stands for Volatile Organic Compounds, and even fewer are aware that molds such as those listed above, also release VOCs! Then VOCs will cause upper respiratory torments and may even lead to some pulmonary diseases such as asthma. Thus, at this point, what’s categorically required to clear away those serious problems is to have a totally seamless flooring solution installed.

However, it is important to have flooring installed that is not only seamless but one which also has absolutely no traces of VOCs, of course. You will certainly be entirely relieved to hear that one such flooring exists by the name of Silikal. Silikal is the totally seamless flooring solution that has absolutely no VOCs, and the best news yet about Silikal is that it is a lifetime flooring. That means that there will never be the need to replace it, nothing will ever seep under it, and thus all problems with any kind of fungi growth will be instantly taken care of.