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Anti Slip Floor Coating Clear: A Mask of Protection

An Anti Slip Floor Coating Clear Surface System

Water beads atop this anti slip floor coating clear surface.A clear floor coating for no slip resistance protects these waiters and waitresses from fall harm.

Those who are in need of anti-slip floor coating clear type frequently turn to the Internet to find a product if they have slippery floors and have dealt with expensive slips and falls. The problem with this is that they are then faced with a very bewildering array of products, all of which are claiming to be the longest lasting, the least slippery, and the clearest available.

Granted slippery floors are ordinarily caused by something other than the floor itself. For instance it may have water constantly upon it, or perhaps there is some sort of grease on the floor, or sometimes it is not a constant wetting of the floor. For those particular instances, where the floor is only occasionally wet or slippery, that seems to be the most important reason for seeking of an anti-slip floor coating clear type. The reasoning for this is that there is nothing worse than slipping when one least expects to slip. Either way, of course you wish to find the very best available, that stands to reason.

There are many who will try to tell you that their anti-slip floor coating clear type actually makes little suction cups under the clear coating and other such silly interpretations of their product. Truth is, the very best available is Silikal.

With Silikal, it is truly 100% clear. There are absolutely no tinges to its product, no color changes, and no covering of the beauty of the existing flooring. Once applied it will look exactly the same with one important difference; it will then be totally anti slip.

In addition, because it is a Silikal product, it has a VOC rating of -0-! As a matter of fact, this flooring solution is also totally odor free.

Moreover, the product works no matter what kind of surface it is applied to. That means that you can safely utilize it on fiberglass, porcelain, vinyl, granite, highly polished marble, concrete and even upon ceramic tile. It will never, ever harm your existing floor and will continue to give you a non-slip floor.

Imagine, if you will, a work area where slippery floor issues are no longer existent? Gone will be those awful and sometimes expensive incidents of slips and falls. All of this is available to you with a Silikal product, for it is truly the very best floor solution product for your existing slippery floors.


Aircraft Hangar Floor Paint for Safe Hangar Floors

Aircraft Hangar Floor Paint: A Paint to Protect

A paint application coats this aircraft hangar floor.Hangar aircraft flooring paints shine brightly after final application.

An aircraft hanger is an animal onto its own. What that means is that they are entirely special, and the floors are too. Aircraft hangar floor paint needs to be as special as can be also. For instance, the tires on the aircraft are going to be incredibly hot, thus the aircraft hangar floor paint utilized needs to accommodate those hot tires. Often the aircraft needs to be worked upon, and chemicals of all kinds are used. Occasionally those chemicals find their way onto the floor, thus the aircraft hangar floor paint must also accommodate chemicals.

Pilots will wish for the hangar floor to resist wetness too, as the aircraft is often quite wet when stored into the hangar, or needs to be washed to remove any debris that it picked up while flying. If the aircraft is utilized up North, it frequently comes in with snow on its wheels or dripping from its wings too.

Let’s face it maintaining a hangar floor is not an easy task. There will be dirt on the wheels too, and dirt blowing in when the doors are open to let the aircraft inside.

Although not necessarily called a floor paint, a Silikal floor covering system is what will work best for an aircraft hangar floor. Silikal’s product will actually chemically bond with your hangar concrete in order to form a highly durable protective film that will even be resistant to aircraft petroleum products.

In addition, cleaning the floor after Silikal is introduced into your hangar is amazingly simple as nothing ever penetrates the Silikal finish. Silikal, you see, is a totally seamless installation that is completely non porous. It is also pin hole free as well as being an anti slip flooring surface which prevents slips, falls and flooring slip associated accidents.

If and when tire abrasion occurs from the aircraft, this is considered unavoidable, but there is a Silikal answer to such tire abrasion. These can easily be removed utilizing the primary cleaner known as Silikal Topclean, which is then rinsed off with clean water.

With a whole array of colors to choose from, with Silikal you may design even a one of a kind hangar floor to not only suit your own tastes, but also become the talk of the other aircraft owners who will marvel at the extreme beauty and tidiness of your Silikal hangar floor. Call Silikal today for a free estimate.


Floor Resurfacing: A Face Lift to Last

Floor Resurfacing Takes A New Look at Restoration

An old kitchen tile floor is scheduled for over night resurfacing.Resurfaced kitchen flooring coats the once old tile floor.

No matter what kind of business you have, floor resurfacing is no picnic. With many resurfacings, you need to close down your business for however many days it will take not only to install the new flooring surface, but for it to be ready to go back to work. In the business of flooring and floor resurfacing, this is referred to as curing the floor.

Also, depending on whom you hire, and what the product consists of, you will be asked to remove everything that might get in the way, and also to completely clean your own floors. It is important for you to realize that this cleaning ought not to be for you to accomplish, but it should all be a part of the floor resurfacing company to accomplish.

For instance, let’s assume that you own a restaurant, and the kitchen badly requires floor resurfacing. Perhaps long ago, it was a tile floor, but today, you are always finding tile that has popped up, because dirty water has gone under the tile, causing it not only to loosen but to allow all manner of food to decay below. Chances are your kitchen has even been cited for not being clean, but it was hopeless to try to clean it in the state it was in.

Thus, now you’ve shopped around, looked into numerous products, and finally you have settled on the very best product. The Silikal crew comes into your kitchen and begins work as soon as the restaurant closes for the night, and they begin to do meticulous cleaning, making sure that not one speck of grease remains. Once thoroughly cleaned, the floor resurfacing continues by having the loose tiles removed, and the areas bare of tile prepared so that the deteriorated concrete can be fixed. Then, at that point the Silikal primer is installed. What that will do is to provide the bond to the existing floor as well as become the foundation for the rest of the Silikal installation.

Once the primer is installed, the coving begins to be run from the floor and up the wall which will eventually give it the wonderful appearance that coved flooring can bring to a professional kitchen installation. Then the colored product is put onto the floor, followed by the topcoat seal. As amazing as it may seem, Silikal will then completely set up and be ready for the early return of the breakfast crew, as Silikal only takes one trivial hour to cure on a floor before it can be returned to work, no matter what kind of work will be involved.

There will be no more slipping, sliding, or falling in that kitchen, and clean-up will be a breeze. There will also be no more tiles popping up, and no more citations for not having your kitchen floors clean. Possibly best yet, Silikal will remain on that floor possibly longer than the building around it will, that’s how permanent Silikal is. So, no matter what floor resurfacing you must do, be sure and look at Silikal, you’ll be so glad you did !


Marine Non Skid Coatings Set Sail

Marine Non Skid Coatings: Keeping Ocean Decks Everywhere Safe

Marine vessel hallway protects this boat with a non skid coating.A nonskid marine coating protects this vessel kitchen area.

If you currently have a boat or a ship, then you know how important marine non skid coatings can be. Even the sailors who are in the Navy are more than aware that it only takes one wave to hit wrong and in the wetness you may find someone going overboard! Mariners are only too conscious too, that true anti slip marine deck coatings need to be extremely durable as they are out in the elements, and depending on the use of the boat or ship, some marine non skid coatings should be adjustable when purchased and installed.

Boaters wish for undeviating totally homogenous materials, they have had it with non marine deck treatments consisting of fillers such as rubber flecks, actual beads, decimated walnut shells, or even sand! Fillers, mariners have learned the hard way, fall out and the walnut shells or whatever are gone, and thus all that’s left is a very unsafe decking that is almost impossible to clean. In addition boaters desire marine non skid coatings to be totally non-toxic, with absolutely no volatile solvents. They also desire a one-coat application and they wish to be able to have the coating cure within 24 hours.

Those who need the product are probably shaking their heads, for there is a product that delivers all that and actually cures in only one hour, which certainly makes those who live aboard their boats or ships extremely happy. That product is of course Silikal.

Cruise ships, large shipping vessels, and boat hulls have all fully benefited from Silikal’s waterproof floor coverings. First it’s the fact that Silikal’s protection enables the boat to take the ultraviolet rays of the sun, and the rain, the moisture that comes up from splashing, as well as dew. Fitting a boat with Silikal’s waterproof boat floor will save any boat owner money, since repairs and premature replacements of everything on a boat is so expensive.

It really does not matter how small your boat is, or how large your ship is, you will definitely be able to benefit highly from Silikal’s marine non skid coatings, also known as boat floor covering. All ships and boats share the conditions that make them deteriorate faster, thus all ships and boats should actually share in the bounties of Silikal’s most durable flooring.

Strangely enough, it seems that any boater seems to have boat restoration in his or her blood. The very vision of saving an older boat and then being able to restore her to her earlier glory is an appealing and also a very romantic one. Should you have that vision, be sure and look into Silikal for your marine non skid coatings!


Institutional Floor Finishes: Protection Guaranteed

Institutional Floor Finishes & Coverings

Institutional floor finishes shine brightly with this entryway example.An institution flooring finish seamlessly surrounds this large floor drain.

Mention the word institutional and many people automatically think of prisons and jails, and thus consider institutional floor finishes with bars attached. Strangely enough that view of institutional floor finishes is not far from reality. There are many institutions, including jails and prisons, which have benefited greatly from great floor finishes.

Your institutional needs may run into needing institutional floor finishes that can put up with the awful floor punishment of forklifts. Forklifts are about the worst thing that a floor has to deal with. First they are incredibly heavy, besides the increasingly heavy loads they carry around, and their large rubber wheels frequently leave scorch marks on the floor that they traverse upon. Forklift accidents are unfortunately very common, but one of the best things that a warehouse can do to avoid accidents including running into people, forklifts running into racks, columns, and even its own stored inventory is to make the warehouse cleaner and brighter. Warehouse lighting in general is rather poor as well as expensive to maintain but a bright floor color can do the job without continual costs.

One way to accomplish this is with a clean Silikal brightly colored floor. Institutional floor finishes can make a drab warehouse drabber in general as for some reason many warehouses think that their floor should be metal gray. Look at Silikal’s pictures of warehouses with light floors, and you can immediately spot the difference.

Perhaps you are considering institutional floor finishes because you have a meat packing plant. Such a plant will be very cold inside, and chances are that the final product is also kept at a frozen level. The location where the meat is cut and prepared will be slippery with grease and blood, thus that floor has to be completely slip resistant. Then too, inside the freezer sections of this plant, the floors there too must not be slippery and must be able to take the constant freezing temperature. Again, we have Silikal to the rescue, as it is the perfect answer to those two scenarios.

Suppose instead you are a hospital institution. Now it is superbly important for the floors to be scrupulously clean and in fact totally hygienic. Silikal is the perfect floor for a hospital as it is completely seamless as well as being non porous. Because of this factor, germs and bacteria have nothing to fasten onto. Nothing ever gets under a Silikal floor either! This makes them superbly easy to clean, and they are also completely resistant to stains, a fact that is important where iodine is frequently used, among other stain making liquids in a hospital.

No matter what your needs are for institutional floor finishes, Silikal has the perfect answer for you. Nothing beats Silikal!