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Lecture Hall Flooring

No More Boring Lecture Hall Flooring!

Durable Flooring In Hallway Outside A Lecture Hall.Lecture Hall Flooring In Orange.

Sometimes those of us who attend lectures are simply bored to death, but it is not always the fault of the lecturer, but may be the fault of the surroundings. Boring surroundings lead to bored minds, thus even the flooring may be at fault. Lecture hall flooring may be refurbished to show perhaps a bold pattern which provides a pop and wow factor to boring lecture hall flooring.

Lecture hall flooring may be improved perhaps by utilizing double simple contrasting colors which may be exemplified by perhaps a dark hue and white. A more understated look could be used by using two separate shades of the same color. Think, for example a pale green combined with a darker green. Granted one could perhaps go hog wild and utilize a plethora of rainbow colors of wavering sizes of striping. As can be imagined the flooring will be anything but boring. The point being that by opting for a fun color one can give flooring eye-grabbing personality. This is especially important on a college campus, where students are frequently visually bombarded.

On the other hand, one may decide to opt for a classic black and white atmosphere. Some may like gray and white for what may be termed a cool but classical look. The checkerboard look is also possible with bold color options as well as black and white.

Should you go with a versatile product such as Silikal, then too there are the colorful splatter effects for flooring that will render an artistic look. When other effects are desired one may also opt for a natural stone look, colorful quartz, or micro flakes of all imagined colors. Granted the more staid mono colors are also available for your lecture hall flooring.

One of the things that many find exciting about Silikal is that it is a “green” floor. The reference to it being green denotes to the fact that Silikal is rated highly by the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design group, giving LEED Certification. The reason why it is so rated is that it is a no VOC flooring composite. VOCs are of course the breathable gas that many flooring compounds exude when laid. VOCs are Volatile Organic Compounds, the breathable gas that is unfortunately exceedingly harmful for humans. LEED certification can give some tax advantages depending on the amount of work and material that qualifies for LEED Certification. Many are unaware of Silikal’s dedication to being ‘green” and the correlation between green products and healthy human products.

Lecture hall flooring must of course be able to withstand the foot traffic that a popular lecture hall will undergo. Silikal is of course renowned for being able to put up with incredibly high traffic areas, as Silikal is next to impossible to mar. After all Silikal is a floor system composed entirely of rapid cure resins, and thus it is professionally designed for lecture hall flooring presenting heavy duty, durability, longevity, safety as well as hygiene.

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